Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 12 and Last Words

WEIRD ENDING! And not at all conclusive to the original overarching concept of Ai’s goal to save the world.  I don’t say this much to anime finales. I’m usually not a hard critic of what they do with the plot because I feel like the writers must have SOME reason for an ending of this sort. On the other hand, the finale of Kaminai this season leads me to wonder… dafuq did I just watch?

In this final episode, we find out the big secret behind the hidden world of Class 3-4. After her talk with Ai, Dee has decide to come clean about her identity and her death. Dee shoots one of the students and when he comes back to life, the shock of his reset causes their memories to resurface. Dee decides to fall out the window again so that the world may reset and the world may unravel itself from the core of the wish.


53When Dee steps out the window, her fall contradicts with the original events of the accident revealing the fact that it was Alis who died fourteen years ago and not Dee. Alis grabs Dee from midair, Ai grabs Alice from the window and the entire class hauls the three of them back to safety. The world starts to dissipate as Class 3-4 no longer wants to stay in this fabricated world. As a result, all citizens evacuate back to the real world and Alis sends his classmates home. Ai is the last to go and her last wish before her departure is for Alis to return to the real world alive… what we’re shown at the very end is that Alis does indeed make it back alive. He and Ai stand over the grave of one Alis Color where Alis asks why Ai brought him back.

Rating for Class 3-4 Arc: 4/5 Crop_4 Clouds Transparenthappy clouds because it was a really good wrap up to that little chunk of the plot.

Actual (as a final episode) Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

63I have a few problems with this episode because I feel like the Class 3-4 arc was given a rush ending due to the number of episodes in the season. We never find out why Dee becomes a ghost or why Alis isn’t a ghost in the real world. There was so much drama with Dee’s inner-self conflict that I felt like it all went to waste with this arc ending. And shouldn’t Alis actually re-fall out the window in order for the world to crumble? Also, I didn’t like the fact that Scar and Yuri were pushed into very supporting sideline character roles, as if after Scar’s entire ordeal with Celica is IT for them.

82I’m also curious about Ai X Alis or Alis X Dee. Is there some hint at romance? I feel like Alis kissed Ai on the forehead before he pushed her out the portal but I’m not entirely sure due to the camera angles.

Not all my questions were answered! And so many things were left unsaid. I really hope and my gut feeling also tells me, that a season two will develop more of the world and the plot. For now, I’m just going to pretend that the story and series isn’t entirely done. I really liked this series! The only reason I can possible fathom why they did what they did is that a season 2 is pending… and for the love of all that is good in anime, we better get a season 2.

Highlights of the Series

– Our wonderfully charming and favourite gravekeeper, Ai Astin; for being so inspiring in this grim world of the walking dead98

– Hampnie Hambert; even if it was only for a few episodes, he was a vastly intriguing character


– The Ortus arc held many of my favourite moments of the series


– The stunning animation and tragically beautiful score (I can’t wait for the soundtrack!)


heavThe world itself is a reason to build more of a story. From the twelve episode season, the idea of wishes has become a really significant and interesting concept that gets tossed around throughout the series. Wishes have power in this world. God “granted” the wish of all human beings by letting them live (as told by the witch from the Ortus back story). Hampnie couldn’t die unless his wish, to be buried and mourned for by his loved ones was fulfilled. Scar’s wish was to become a mother… and all these wishes circle back to Ai’s wish to save the world and her mother’s original wish to create a haven for the dead.

I hope you guys liked this review. Are you as irked and confused as I am? Let me know what you think of Kaminai’s ending, I would love to hear your thoughts. And don’t forget to click follow for the new fall anime series that I’ll be following soon come the first week of October!

– Cloudy

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