Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 12 and Closing Remarks

Of many of the endings I’ve seen for season long animes, this one ending was a bit surprising but not to the point that I’m confused, nor to the point that it dissatisfies me. To the ending of Makai Ouji, I say, “Fair enough.”

Rating: 4.5/5 happy clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

39The reason I give such a high rating to this final episode is because of its ability to neatly tie up everything we’ve seen so far without throwing us over the edge into a twist ending that results in an unbelievable conclusion. We pick up from Baalberith announcing his rebellion against the old King and the displays of Solomon’s power on hell. When Dantalion tries to take off Solomon’s ring, Solomon doesn’t recognize him at all and instead, strikes him. Baalberith and the other demons continue to fight for Solomon’s ring… but to no avail.

14We know that Dantalion was Solomon’s first demon. Much is revealed through the flashbacks of Solomon’s life but some answers are left out. Since Solomon was the illegitimate child of the reigning King, he was imprisoned all his life so he summons all the demons just to have as company. When the King finally acts against Solomon, Solomon has no choice but to go to war, and he wins, thus being crowned King. I have to say that in-battle Solomon is pretty scary, like, creepily powerful scary.

61When Dantalioin regains consciousness from Solomon’s first attack, Solomon is preparing to kill Baalberith for disobeying him. Dantalion is determined not to let history repeat itself (and I’m guessing, not to let the power of the ring overtake the man inside).  He implores William to remember who he is and just as Solomon wavers within William, a golden gate descends upon the battleground to herald the awakening of his highness Lucifer. Everyone is immensely shocked and Solomon, perceiving the message carried from one of Lucifer’s falling feathers, willingly allows Dantalion to take the ring off of him. Since Lucifer’s awakened, there is no longer a need for the Elector to choose an interim ruler.

My thoughts on the ending…
77I don’t think anyone really expected Lucifer to awaken, since in previous episodes, Baalberith presumes that Lucifer may never awaken and much of the hype around the Elector was so high that we’re led to believe that William will indeed choose an interim ruler by the end of the series. The ending is acceptable and it wraps things up nicely, however, there are still some things left unanswered. We know that Dantalion is bound to Solomon by contract… what contract? What does it entail? Why did Dantalion agree to it and why did Solomon choose him? What I assume from what I’ve seen, and I can only really hypothesize, is that the power of the ring overcame Solomon as a human and turned him into something cold and inhuman. As a result, he asked Dantalion to kill him? This is one of those moments that prompt me to READ THE MANGA (because I’ve heard it’s really good).

80When William returns to school the day after, no one remembers Dantalion, Sytry or the Head Boy. After the results of the final exams are released, William’s scored top of the school and has been offered full scholarship… but he doesn’t seem all that happy. In fact, I get the feeling that he somewhat misses his demon companions. Even though he’s William, I guess Solomon’s love of demons carries on in his soul. He wanders into the church and asks Kevin about the existence of such demons.

“Do you think demons exist? …Ones that are more human than humans, and more merciful than angels.” – William


Just as William’s leaving the church, he reaffirms his realist attitudes and reminds himself not to think of such nonsense. When he stumbles on the sidewalk, the ring falls out. Before William can pick it up, someone else reaches for it first and William sees Dantalion.

I feel like this last scene, where William reunites with Dantalion, means that though there is no need for an Elector, Dantalion will continue to accompany William, as he did with Solomon.

The idea of a season 2 following the story is an iffy one for me. On one hand, I want to see more character development between Dantalion and William as well as learn of the back story of their meeting and the details behind the contract. On the other hand, with the awakening of Lucifer, the Elector’s responsibilities are absolved and I’m scared of what the writers could possibly conjure up in order to further the storytelling. All in all, this was a pretty fun series to review and I’d strongly recommend this to all viewers, shojo and shonen. If you’re into fantasy and action, all the more reason to watch this anime. I hope you guys liked this review and be sure to let me know what you guys think of the ending in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading!

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 12 and Closing Remarks

  1. If there is a Season 2 there has to still be Solomon and William and Dantalion just with a further direction in the story. I see where your going the writers could stray from the characters seen so far.

    Still the ending felt open since Michael still mentions that there is still time. For who knows what?

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