Diabolik Lovers Episode 1-2 Impressions

Hello otome fans! How are you guys liking Diabolik Lovers so far? I decided to combine both recaps/reviews/impressions of the first two episodes in one post because to be honest, nothing really happens in the first episode.

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Diabolik Lovers Ep 1 (1)Typical first episode pilot for many otome anime. Much like the introductory chapters an dialogue of a visual novel, the opening episode to the series really just introduces the characters and the initial premise for the story. At the start of the episode, she’s brought to a large mansion that her father’s arranged for her to stay in. There, she ends up meeting six beautiful yet terrifying vampires who also reside in the house. After initial “introductions”, Yui realizes that she’s “the bride” that’s been selected for them. In terror, she flees from her housemates only to stumble upon a room that’s usually deemed off limits. Upon bumping into the shelf, in one of the fallen books she finds her father’s handwriting in a journal leaving her completely confused as to what exactly is happening. She passes out as the vampires advance on her… which brings us to episode 2.

Diabolik Lovers Ep 2 (1)When Yui wakes up, someone’s changed her and put her in bed. Raito appears next to her and just as he advances on her, Ayato shoves him aside and claims that Yui belongs to him. Reiji also enters the room and announces that Yui’s going to attend Night School. I feel like Yui really is a lamb within a den of wolves… but perhaps she’ll really start to “adjust to their lifestyle” as Reiji puts it.

Yui ends up skipping class with Ayato to make him takoyaki. He bites her and decides that he likes her. She passes out from blood lost just as Reiji walks in on them and reawakens at home by a pool (Lol what?). Ayato, in an attempt to show Yui that he has completely control over her, tosses her into the pool and demands that she praise him. What’s revealed however, is the fact that Yui can’t swim and she then reminds Ayato of his childhood when he was tossed into the lake. He saves her gives her air by kissing her underwater then bites her again.

Double Episode Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Diabolik Lovers Ep 2 (20)Some things are introduced, other things stop developing strangely. The weird thing at the end of episode 2 is when Yui sneaks into her father’s old room to re-examine the journal only to find that the words on the pages have disappeared.

Pretty good opening episodes for now. Other than Ayato’s intensely fast advances on Yui, the story seems to be setting a good pace, leaving us hanging for the next part of the story next week. Be warned though, that this isn’t your average human x vampire love story. Remember that the vampires are sadists, they’re messed up and warped in more ways than one. It’ll take quite a bit of storytelling for Yui to see them for who they really are beyond the predatory surface.


Yui Komori- Our somewhat shy and confused heroine of the series.

Shu Sakamaki- The eldest of the brothers. He is the only one who knows anything about Yui’s new living arrangements in the household and seems less inclined to suck her blood unlike his brothers.

Reiji Sakamaki- The second eldest of the brothers; police but strict, he’s one of the more restrained vampires of the house cares much for rules, manners and etiquette.

Ayato Sakamaki- The third eldest of the brothers and the first person that Yui meets in the house. He likes to call himself Yours Truly likes to call Yui, Pancake. He’s generally stubborn, unreasonable and rash with a penchant for Takoyaki.

Kanato Sakaamki- The fourth eldest of the brothers. He carries around a teddy bear.

Raito Sakamaki- The second youngest of the brothers. He’s the playboy type that makes sexual advances on Yui as soon as he meets her. He’s already nicknamed her as “Bitch-chan”

Subaru Sakamaki- The youngest of the Sakamaki brothers and quickly resorts to anger and violence before anything else. He’s the closed off and silent type.

I expected Vampire Knight-esque music, but the opening and closing + the insert score seems much darker and nightmarish than what I was expected. I vey much like the opening sequence with multiple shots featuring each of the brothers and I wish that the closing was more character driven. Hopefully additional character songs are developed for each of the characters by the end of this series.

Are any of you following this series this season? I hope you guys liked this introductory review to the series! Diabolik Lovers airs on Monday every week!

– Cloudy

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