Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 12 &13 Review

Episode 12 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

I’m really glad I decided to go with my gut feeling to combine both episodes into one final review because the events from both really tie up the entire last part of the series. A lot happens in episode 12. Since Akari agreed to go with Cerebrum, Seira and Luna have been freed and their original powers have been restored. Akari finds out, just as the Leguzario deduces, that Cerebrum wants to mate with Akari in the Clessidra. The Clessidra is a stage where two life forms can intermix. At the same time, it is where participants of the Clessidra must face their true selves, who they were and who they will be. One sidenote that’ll definitely come in handy with the conclusion of the series is the key that the Leguzario bestow upon Etia and Ariel.

Throughout the duration of the episode, we see Akari relive the day that her cousin Fuyuna turned into a Daemonia and died. She’s unable to break the cycle and with each repeat of the day, her spirit seems to deteriorate more and more. One highlight I would like to point is how Luna’s character was reconciled and when she finally finds the strength to fight. She gets pretty badass and she fights close up in hand to hand combat with claws. I loved seeing Luna and Seira fight together. Also, the end of the episode showcased the reappearance of Ginka who, after “going to the other side” has become much more powerful  and possesses all knowledge.

Episode 13 Rating: 5/5 happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

We find out that the key from the Leguzario has the power to open the Clessidra. BIG REVEAL -> that Cerebrum wants to mate with Akari so that the Daemonia can evolve from organisms that simply divide, to those with actual existences. The Leguzario bring up a really interesting issue at this point, that the Daemonia, wanting to escape their original fate of being mere organisms, are trying to escape their ultimate fate. The Leguzario laughs at this, this defiance of predestination.

Seira, Ginka and Luna are all trying to braek Akari out of the Clessidra. They call out to her, and it seems like this is Akari’s last cycle before she truly breaks. Even Cerebrum states that Akari won’t last this next encounter for Daemonia Fuyuna. Akari insists that she needs to hear Fuyuna’s voice. Finally, Fuyuna arrives and truly talk about their feelings.

“You shone like the Sun, so you never had to decorate yourself, and you could still be friends with everyone.  When I thought that I might always be your shadow, a dark haze covered my heart. But when I was with you, my heart warmed up.” – Fuyuna

“If this is the fate I must follow… For Fuyuna,s sake, as well as myself. I will accept this destiny!” – Akari

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Ep 13 (26)Cerebrum states that the darkness was purified by Akari and enraged by the change in plans, he attempts to kill her so thtat the Elemental Tarot will never be complete ever again. Outside, the Clessidra is going unstable as does the waves in the Astralux. At this moment, Etia and Ariel combine their powers to unlock the Clessidra. Seeing Ariel and Etia in action is pretty amazing since they’re only been doing administrative work for the duration of the series. Your elemental powers, corresponding to the level of strength of each elemental tarot user is pretty amazing.

Cerebrum attempts to corrupt the other girls once again and between the conversation of Ginka and Cerebrum, Ginka reveals that the anti-cards signify unification, not destruction. I find that Cerebrum’s view of humanity is very much like that of Hobbes, humans full of worry and fear, selfishness and doubt.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Ep 13 (29)

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Ep 13 (64)BEST EPIC BATTLE ENDING EVER! From Akari’s sword on sword showdown with Cerebrum, to the final Daemonia slaying moments, it was nothing but stunning magic girl battle animation. Though the other characters become quite insignificant in climactic ending between Akari and Cerebrum but the ending sentiments on fate and free will were very well presented. Also, I believe it might have been slightly hinted at that Cerebrum might have been Akari’s father? He was an anomaly among the Daemonia because he had a free will and before he vanishes, he sees a vision of Akari’s mother Hinata.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Ep 13 (80)What do you guys think? Have all the secrets of Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou been revealed? For one thing, Etia and Ariel’s powers have always been sealed up by the Leguzario until now and even after the battle, their powers are resealed once again. What’s the story there? I would love to see a prequel special of Hinata in her fighting days. Did she have comrades like Akari? We certainly don’t see them in the flashbacks.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Ep 13 (71)Overally, I believe that Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou makes a fair significant to the magic girl genre. It’s not ground-breaking like Madoka Magic but at the same time it’s not a shallow happy go lucky magic girl cliché like Tokyo Mew Mew. The themes of predestination versus autonomy come up quite a few times and the story itself doesn’t go deeper than the dichotomy of the two elements at face value, making the series generally easy to follow. I would definitely recommend the series to any fans of magic, fantasy, supernatural and action. The story’s pace does slow down in the middle episodes and you can pretty much jump to the end once you know a few of the key facts that drag on at midpoint but the final climax is really worth watching and it gets pretty epic.

I hope you guys enjoyed reviewing Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou with me for thirteen fun weeks! Thank you so much for watching and remember to drop in sometime in the next two weeks to check out my new fall reviews or leave your email so you’ll be notified of new stuff as soon as it comes out!

– Cloudy

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