Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 1 Impression



53111lHello everyone! If you’ve been following the schedule for new anime releases, then you’ll have watched a few of the new anime pilots that have come out this week. One of my most anticipated new animes is Kyoukai no Kara AKA Beyond the Boundary which is produced by my favourite company Kyoto Animation.

Kyoukai no Kara follows a half-youmu (demon)/half-human high-schooler named Akihito Kanbara (voiced by Kenn) and a freshman named Mirai Kuriyama (voiced by Taneda Risa) a spirit world warrior from a clan who has the ability to manipulate blood. The story is originally based on a light novel by Nagomu Torii and falls under the categories of action, fantasy and supernatural, granted that many of the story’s elements get dark. From a company that produces K-On and Free, I’m really excited for this exciting magical story.


I found the opening of the episode itself rather captivating. It starts with Mirai standing at the top of the rooftop. Akihito spots her from the bottom of the building and assumes that she’s about to suicide. He then sprints up to the top of the building to stop her… and their adventure begins there. Due to Mirai’s strange powers, she is shunned from the other warrior clans and therefore hasn’t really been anyone to train her to utilize her powers or lead her into battle. As a result, she sort of decides to hunt down Akihito (the immortal demon) who can’t seem to die… as practice?

Despite being warned by Mitsuki Nase, a new mysterious character, and classmate to Akihito (who strangely resembles Mio from K-On) Akihito and Mirai become these weird friends. Akihito, of course, a product of Kyoto Animation, somewhat resembles Nagisa Hazuki from Free while Mirai is definitely your typical clumsy moe character that we’re all so very familiar with.

Overall, I’m very excited to see what’s in store for this strange duo and how many more times Mirai will trip and fall throughout the series (LOL) Also, be sure to give the opening and ending a good listen to, they’re really great songs!

Thank you for reading and if you want to hear more of Kyoukai no Kanata, don’t forget to click the follow tab!

– Cloudy

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