Betrayal Know my Name Volume 6 Afterthoughts

Odagiri_BetrayalKnowsMyNamev6_TPToday I decided to do a little rant on Uraboku’s 6th omnibus. To be honest, I haven’t been entirely fair with reviews on this series because I’ve only reviewed the first two omnibus volumes as an introductory look at the story as a whole but nevertheless, I really have some things to say about this volume…

First of all, my quest to acquire the volume after the release date was met with a hassle at the book store against regular bookstore clerks who have no idea what series I’m looking for nor can they figure out where the series is located even in the manga section. Second of all, I was sorely disappointed to see the length at which book six was published as. It’s less than half and even less than a third of the length of volumes 1-5.

“When Shuusei and Tooko drop off the radar while on a special mission to Kyoto, concern for their safety reaches a fever pitch at Twilight Hall. While preparing to rush to their rescue, Yuki and company are relieved ot hear word that Tooko has been found. Still, with no word from Shuusei, a party heads to Kyoto to locate their ally. But while they’re away, the suspicious deaths around the city are confirmed to be the work of Duras. Will the remaining Zweilt be able to confront the enemy and save the innocent with their forces so severely depleted?!”

I love when the back of the book summarizes the events in the continuation of the story but at the same time, this synopsis of the present moments of the story really summarizes the entire book in one go. Since the volume itself is so thin, there’s really nothing else that happens except muddling over Shuusei’s search and rescue. Luckily, Shuusei does get found and this is one of the dominating events of this volume. Also, towards the end, Yuki finds out a bit more about his familial background and his roots with the Zweilt.

Seriously Yenpress, you guys can do better than this. Was there a lack of translators? Is that why the volume got cut short? I’m hoping that whatever comes next in volume 7 will answer all my wavering questions to the publishers. Other than the fact that volume 7 contains a huge plot advancement that the publishers didn’t want to cut in half, there shouldn’t be any excuse for the length of this book. As a manga collector who waits months and months for the official translated releases, I really hope that the volumes that I’m paying for are fully loaded with a decent chunk of the story because releases are so generally sparse.

All in all, it calms my mind that Shuusei’s been found. He’s one of my favourite characters of the show and I am pleased to see another cover featuring the Zweilt, especially Tooko and Tsukumo, who are one of my favourite pairs of siblings in the otaku world.

Uraboku fans, what did you think of this release and did you guys like this reaction post as much as regular reviews? If you read this rant all the way through, mad virtual props to you. Thank you guys for dropping in and don’t forget to click around for other recaps and reviews as well as follow me through WordPress or email for more fun stuff to come.

– Cloudy

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