Strike the Blood Episode 1 Impressions

Strike the Blood Episode 1 (34)

Strike the Blood Episode 1 (12)Today we’re looking at the first episode of Strike the Blood. This really awesome kickass fantasy supernatural action series based on a light novel originally by Gakuto Mikumo. It follows the two characters Kojou Akatsuki (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya) and Yukina Himeragi (voiced by Risa Taneda) and together, they gave me a really great impression of the story to come.

Strike the Blood takes place in a world where demons, vampires and other magical creatures live on a manmade territory called Itogami Island, also known as the Demon District. The purpose of the Demon District is to bring together all magical beings on the brink of extinction for protection, surveillance and research. Many demons are usually monitored by metal wrist bands, intended on detecting magical abnormalities in order to alert the authorities when a creature uses its power.

Strike the Blood Episode 1 (10)The main character, Kojou Akatsuki is the new fourth Progenitor, who accidentally became progenitor through a mysterious chain of events we’re only given flashbacks of in the first series. He calls himself a regular high-schooler but in fact holds immense power. Our heroine, Yukina Himeragi is a Sword Shamen under orders from the Lion King Organization to monitor the fourth Progenitor to make sure his powers don’t manifest out of control and harm others. However, Kojou is a bit of an anomaly. Not only did he not devour the previous Progenitor, it seems like he was forced into the role by his predecessor and whenever he tries to remember the events of that day, he’s wracked with immense pain.

“The Progenitors themselves are considered equal to an entire nation’s military force… In other words, your very presence is perceived as an act of terror or war.” – Yukina

Strike the Blood Episode 1 (24)I’ve come to like the character design for Kojou Akatsuki (which is rare because I’m not usually very fond of light blue hair character colour palettes).  Yukina on the other hand doesn’t seem to stand up with too many distinct features other than her giant weapon, Sekkarou. Perhaps I’ll grow to like the character pairing. I wonder if there will be any romance between them. After Yukina’s standoffish attitude to Kojou, she seems to have warmed up to him by the end of the episode showing quite a sweet side just before the episode ends.

Overall, the pilot gave me a pretty good balance of action, character introductions and general premise. Similar to Kyoukai no Kanata I watched at a few days ago, the main guy is some sort of supernatural creature and the main girl is a weapon-wielding warrior however moe (in Kyoukai no Kanata), or tsundere (in this case).

I hope you guys liked this first look at Strike the Blood. Stay tuned for other pilot impression posts to come soon!

– Cloudy

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