Cloudy Says…

Hey guys! After two plus weeks of intense anime releases, we’ve finally reached the last day of new releases. From here on out, we’ll fall into the regular rhythm of release dates. I’ve decided to do a poll this season on what YOU GUYS are watching. I’m curious! And the results of the poll will help factor into what I decide to feature or follow on my blog.

What I’m definitely following right now is Kyoukai no Kanata, Golden Time and Tokyo Ravens. me know what you guys think of the first episodes that you guys have seen so far?

Out of the Box features will continue to appear from time to time and I’m currently waiting on some new release dates for manga but right now I’m mostly excited about the new animes! Check out recent posts for the latest stuff or search the archives for anything you might be looking for. If you want to see a review of something, don’t be afraid to leave a comment here or anywhere else on the blog!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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