Super Seisyun Brothers Rant

Super Seiyun Brothers (8)

GUYS AND GIRLS! FANS OF SLICE OF LIFE! Last night I decided to check out Super Seiyun brothers because I had the episodes downloaded but hadn’t gotten around to them yet. I’m so sorry I put it off.

Super Seiyun Brothers follows two pairs of siblings as they grow up as close neighbours, classmates and friends. Each episode is only four episodes long and mainly focuses on the little interactions between the characters. Both pairs of siblings are completely different but as brother and sister, they share the same personality. The girls are three years older than the guys and it’s so amusing to see how they parallel each other.

Purple-haired Siblings…

Super Seiyun Brothers (2)

Mako Saitou (voiced by Ai, Kayano)

Mao Saito (voiced by Kaito, Ishikawa)

Blonde-haired siblings…

Super Seiyun Brothers (5)

Chiko Shinmoto (voiced by Nozomi, Yamamoto)

Chika Shinmoto (voiced by Ryota Ohsaka)

The way that the short episodes are structured reminds me of four panel manga. Each of the mini conversations build up to a mini punch-line and the dialogue is largely what drives the events of each episode. There’s no point of doing weekly reviews for this series because there isn’t really a main plot of conflict but I’m personally very charmed by the Chika, Chiko, Mako and Mao. Even their names are meant to match!

For hardcore action fans or fantasy lovers and even regular shojo watchers may not enjoy this anime. I would say it’s slice-of-life bordering on a niche category of the genre for fans who just happen to be fond of the characters they see and the gags. MyAnimeList categorizes the show under Josei and that aspect really shines through in the animation but I also find the content really light and would recommend it to anyone looking for something mindless to watch that’ll just wind you down after a busy day.

– Cloudy

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