Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3 Review

Are youmu just monsters? Or can they be considered part of the reasonable category of mammels that humans belong to? In this episode, all the Spirit Warriors of the town are preparing for the arrival of the Hollow Shadow. Spirit World Warriors are the only ones who can see the youmu and with the Hollow Shadow approaching the town, the lesser youmu are becoming instable.


“Misfortune always befalls any who get involved without those who carry the cursed blood.” – Mitsuki

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

35Any Spirit Warriors who let down their guards are susceptible to being possessed by the youmu. In this episode we learn of a key fact in MIrai’s past, the fact that she killed a girl named Yui Inami who was possessed by the Hollow Shadow. It is revealed that the Inami family took in Mirai when she lost her family, raised her and taught her how to suppress heevir powers but one day, Yui became possessed by the Hollow Shadow and Mirai was left with no choice but to kill her.

In many ways, Mirai sees herself duty bound to slay the Hollow Shadow. While the other Spirit Warriors have been prohibited to approach the Hollow Shadow, Mirai has no reservations about targeting it. Though she hides behind a veil of clumsiness and shyness, she’s rather strong on the inside. In contrast to Akihito who is half-youmu but has somehow managed to find a place of belonging, Mirai has been alone since the day she lost her closest friend. She has no support systems nor does she feel, in her opinion, that she deserves them due to her lineage of cursed blood. I guess it’s up to Akihito to show Mirai that it’s okay to trust others 😉

56And isn’t Kenn’s voice just wonderful?

I liked this episode a lot more than the others. For one thing, there was much more action and plot development instead of the slice of life high school idle interactions between the characters.  From what I can discern from the previews, since the Hollow Shadow doesn’t have a body and Akihito has a strange power that allows him to spontaneously heal any and all injuries, I’m guessing that Akihito will allow the youmu to possess him and that’s where we get the shot of Mirai stabbing Akihito in order to kill the youmu. This is just my hypothesis for now. We’ll just have to see where the story goes from here. Can’t wait for KyotoAni’s great battle animation next week!

– Cloudy

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