Kill la Kill Episodes 1-3 Rant

Kill la Kill Episode 3 (8)

I decided to take a history course on the Holocaust this yea r and after seeing how the Kill la Kill world is structured, it vastly amuses me that fascist ideologies and concepts from literature such as that of the Second World War and aspects of dystopian stories such as Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell are incorporated into anime. Up till now, we’ve been introduced to the magnificence of the Goku suits, the epicness of the Kamui suits and Satsuki Kiryuuin’s ironclad hold over Honnouji Academy.

Kill la Kill Episode 3 (18)Of course, there is a transfer student, as there always is in anime. Enter our badass heroine Ryuko Matoi, who is in search for the mystery behind her father’s disappearance and death as well as the other half of her giant red scissor blade sword. After making her first encounter with Satsuki… well, shit goes down. Seeing how all dominating Satsuki is and how your high school life extends into your societal class, some high-schoolers probably feel like Kill la Kill depicts the stories of their lives (LOL)… yeah, don’t think abut how ridiculous the world is, just go with it.

“Fear is freedom! Control is liberty! Contradiction is truth! That is the reality of this world!” – Satsuki

… like I said, just go with it.

Kill la Kill Episode 3 (10)The world in Kill la kill vastly intrigues me. It’s taken the high school system and turned it into an action fascist government kingdom ruled by a single dictator. There is a clear class structure between the higher-ups and the plebeians on the bottom. At the same time, the only intriguing and somewhat purposeful characters only seem to be our main protagonist and contrasting antagonist. Much of the other supporting characters are just that, supporting characters. Ryuko’s sidekick, Mako Mankanshoku, for instance serves as intense comedic relief while Aikurou Mikisugi, her late father’s assistant becomes an information source for Ryuko.

SCISSOR BLADE DECAPITATION MODE. Episode 3 finally reveals intense crazy action of epic proportions!!!! YOU GO RYUKO!

Kill la Kill Episode 3 (22)It turns out that Ryuko’s not the only one with a wild card. Satsuki also has a kamui of her own named Junketsu (which literally means purity) and she’s instantly mastered her armour. Since Ryuko was always embarrassed by her battle outfit, she’s been resisting Senketsu out of embarrassment and in the heat of battle and desperation, Ryuko true form of her kamui through her blood connection with Senketsu. I have to honestly say that it took me a while to get use to the animation as well as all the fanservice parodies that I’m seeing between Ryuko and Satsuki. I LOVE the transformation scenes even though I personally feel pretty objectified by the skimpy kamui designs. However, now that the concept behind the kamui has been discovered to be a second skin, I understand the reasons behind the barely there battle outfits. Still, with the true forms of the kamui suits and those huge shoulder blades, I’m wondering if actually wearing such a cosplay would create huge blind spots for the cosplayer (and perhaps some public decency violations).

“When you wear me and I am worn by you, only then does the power manifest.” – Senketsu

Kill la Kill Episode 3 (3) Kill la Kill Episode 3 (2)

Kill la Kill Episode 3 (15)The characters are so dramatic and hilarious that it’s AWESOME. It bothers me that Satsuki and Ryuko faces and voices don’t pass for very pretty girls but I guess that’s how it goes in shounen action animes, especially one as hardcore as Kill la Kill. Speaking of characters, does anyone wish that Senketsu got more lines? His voice is amazing!

Also, that battle music when things get intense? BEST MUSIC EVER. I really can’t wait for that soundtrack to come out. The score is pounding, electric and dynamic, very worthy of a shounen charged action anime like Kill la Kill. Those giant red block letters on the screen that hammer the nail home to make a point! If only real life came with giant red block labels as points of reference…

I expect a lot of fun from Kill la Kill… and now, before the rant comes to an end, I just have one final question – what happens if a guy puts on the sailor suit? Seriously. Think about it.

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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