Cloudy Says…

Hi everyone! Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are. I hope you’re all well. Today I’m back with another Cloud Says segment and today I’m really really excited because littlecloudcuriosity has just reached 100 followers which is just CRAZZZZYYYY. When I started this blog back in April, I didn’t think that I’d even get one follower. How did I even get here? This feels kinda surreal for me and I don’t know what to say except THANK YOU! Thank you guys for all your support, your awesome comments and for dropping in to check out my blog. Whether you’ve just gotten here today or you’ve been with me since I made my first posts as a stumbling reviewer with clunky critiques, arigatou gozaimashita! *deep bow*


Now, as in all Cloudy Says posts, let’s get on with the upcoming stuff…

With the results of the poll more or less tallied up, the animes I’m going to follow on a long term are… Diabolik Lovers, Tokyo Ravens, Kill La Kill, Super Seisyun Brothers, Log Horizon and Kyoukai no Kanata. I feel that these five animes give pretty well-rounded look into the fall season in terms of animation styles, genre and story diversity. Official reviews or rants will come up as soon as the episodes are available online. Other animes I will be unofficially following are Golden Time, Noucome, Strike the Blood so if you guys are ever wondering how I feel about these ones, be sure to follow me on twitter @CuriousCloudy as I’ll tweet my thoughts as I’m watching from these three animes. Feel free to tweet me your ponderings as well!

As well, the blog has been seriously lacking some Light Otaku Living Rants because of all the new anime craziness (and schoolwork) that’s been going on but rest assured that those will be back soon. As for manga, I’m currently waiting for my local bookstore to bring in Haganai Volume 4, Alice in the Country of Joker Volume 3 and Missions of Love Volume 5 (to be released on Oct 22). As well, Black Butler Volume 15 and Pandora Hearts Volume 18 will be related on October 29th which is AMAZING because both are going to help me get into the mood for Halloween by the end of the month.

Finally, there’s going to be a whole new section on the blog that allows me to talk about my random thoughts or rant about things that just happen to happen to me on a daily basis. It’ll mostly be text because I’ll be blogging from my phone and it’s going to be in a new category called Up In the Clouds.

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– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

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