The Otaku Shopper

I’ve always loved collecting merchandise for my favourite animes, whether it be key chains, cell phone straps, art books, figures, and so on. Whatever it is, as long as it contributes to my fandom, it’s decently priced, and I like it, I’ll get it. That’s not to say tht I scour the internet every day for new things to buy. Like many other otakus, I’m not unfamiliar to the internet hunt for best shipping prices and ebay bid wars. However, the issue I really wanted to talk about today is not the quality of what you’re buying, but the quantity.

You know what I’m talking about- all those photos on tumblr and facebook of otaku fandom rooms that have fifty copies of the same poster plastered on the walls, with thirty of the same keychains, ten of the same figures, five of the same pillow designs and ALL of the exact. Same. Character.

Creepily obsessive? Or just healthy otaku fandom?



I mean REALLY do you REALLY need an entire box of the same character strap design? I understand getting two of your favourite strap just in case you lose the one you’re using, but I feel like stocking up on more than three is pushing the limits of your fandom, not to mention your wallet wallet (unless you’re stocking up from the Japanese sites to resell on ebay for triple the price in which case, that’s just EVIL!)

Many of the times, before a lot of the merchandise can get all the way to North America, its already sold out and many manufacturers end up replicating hot items in order to make a sale, leading many unsuspecting con-goers to purchase fake goods.


– Learn Japanese. I’m serious! It’ll give u an in with the culture and allow you to navigate Japanese otaku sites with ease

– Buy through a proxy. Since Japanese sites can be difficult to process payments, a proxy helps you handle all the domestic and international shipping transitions

– Hope that your local hobby stores stock your fave anime merchandise

– Attend anime conventions!! (But beware of fakes)

I guess what I’m trying to say at the end of all this is, there’s a certain sort of etiquette that you should consider when shopping online, so if you’re into hardcore merch collecting, don’t forget to leave some for everybody else!!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

One thought on “The Otaku Shopper

  1. I am such a big online shopper and that is the only place can get good deals for my anime, manga, and merchandise needs. Mostly since where live they hardly have a big place where they have great stacks of what love.

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