Diabolik Lovers Episode 5-6 review

Episode 5 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Soooooo who really killed that b**** Cordelia this time?

Diabolik Lovers Ep 5 (25)At the beginning of episode 5 when Kanato takes Yui to his mother’s grave, he claims that he killed her. And then later Reiji claims to have killed his own mother (Beatrice) at the end of the episode. Lots of matricide…

I seriously think Kanato needs some therapy… or maybe a hug. At least he understands that girls like to be kissed and somewhat cherished (unlike Raito who just rapes whoever he wants)… but of course, there’s a shot of that bear WATCHING as Kanato sucks Yui’s blood.

Diabolik Lovers Ep 5 (5)Lots of hints of Yui’s blood being familiar and delicious to the Sakamaki brothers. If you’ve played the games, you probably know why. I wonder how it’s going to be revealed in the anime. On Yui’s end, as much as I feel sorry for her being caught among six sadistic vampires, I can’t help but hope that at some point she’ll stop apologizing and shying away from the ones that provoke her. They call her weak and naïve and foolish and SHE JUST TAKES IT. I would have smacked Ayato or kneed Raito between the knees.

Oh look, Subaru ❤ finally gets some lines!! He bumps into Richter, who states that it’s almost time for the awakening. Just as Richter leaves, Subaru glimpses Yui walking dejectedly back to her room. When will Yui be awakened? Hmmmmmm and then there’s Reiji… who’s moaning in his sleep. What the hell is he dreaming of? I DON’T WANT TO KNOW. And I really think Yui needs to make better choices. Why would you DELIBERATELY walk into a room when you hear MOANING. On the topic of Reiji, I REALLY HATE HIM. DID HE JUST USE YUI AS A TEST SUBJECT FOR DRUGS? He even threatens to friggin tie up Yui’s wrist so it’ll rot and be amputated. Totally messed up in the head. And we do get the glimpses of Reiji and Shu’s mother where Reiji is standing over her as she dies a peaceful death… which just enrages him.

I’m giving this episode a rating of 3/5 because it revealed an important detail about Reiji’s mother. However, I don’t like seeing Yui continue in this defenceless deer caught in the headlights state. Though I’m familiar with otome heroines who don’t normally have much of a personality ANYWAY, they have some vague sense of values. For Ema/Chi in Brothers Conflict, it was her love for family that she puts over romantic love. For Haruka in Uta no Prince-sama, it was her passion for music that she places above everything else in her life. What DOES Yui care about, really?

Episode 6 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Diabolik Lovers Episode 6 (1)Kanato starts this episode with a slow and melancholic English ballad. It totally creeps me out, but I am completely enamoured and impressed by the stunning voice acting by Yuki Kaji. After seeing him as Wataru in Brothers Conflict, I thought I’d constantly hear Wataru’s voice, however, the tone and mood reflected out of Kanato’s voice is just so unique and different.

With regards to Yui, the fact that she thinks a fall from a second floor would actually kill a vampire tells us she hasn’t really been into the popular culture presumptions of vampires. I mean, when she tried to ward off the brothers with her cross her first arrival, I thought that was a little stupid but after interacting with the brothers, she should at least get the sense that they’re much stronger than her physically and pretty indestructible.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 6 (23)LOL the only time that Kanato and Yui ever agree on anything -> That teddy is the cutest thing ever.

…Now I want a Kanato teddy… but that bear (despite its cuteness) sort of has issues too

Kanato brings Yui to his eerie wax figure collection and threatens to turn Yui into a wax figure to be a friend to Teddy, like all the other sacrificial brides that have been brought here. He begins to suck her blood, tells her that he’s going to suck her dry and luckily, Ayato intervenes, directing Kanato to Reiji and saving Yui’s life. Then just as Ayato’s about to take his turn at Yui’s blood, he gives up, claiming to be tired.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 6 (19)

On the way to her room, Yui runs into Subaru who’s the first one to give her ANY good advice. He tells her that she’s tempting death by staying here, her only chance is to run away, now. However, even with this rare opportunity, Yui decides to stay in order to find out the truth about her father and the church… now at least she’s shown some sign of internal strength and resistance in her position. When Subaru glances at Yui, the look in her eyes reminds him of his mother (Christa)’s similar expression and ends up giving Yui a silver dagger to protect herself. Right now, it’s the only weapon she has against the other vampires.

I love love love the Diabolik Lovers uniform.  It’s so nicely designed, formal but with a girlish gothic style with the military style buttons down the skirt and the frills at the end of the skirt. Must. Find. Cosplay.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 6 (3)I am not impressed with Raito at all. I really want to punch him in the face… and does anyone else keep hearing Rei’s voice from Free? It’s so weird… This is why voice actors need to be versatile with their tones and ranges. When Raito attempts to break Yui’s spirit again by sucking her blood, she resolves to hold true to her faith in the church and in God. Well at least some of her personality is emerging… how will this affect the vampires around her and how are they going to “fall in love” with her?

Really great episode, we see more of Subaru and I can’t wait for them to reveal his part of the story. I have no idea where they’re going with Reiji’s part and we’ll probably see more of Ayato next week cause he’s been off to the side for quite a while now.

What do you guys think of DL so far?? And how bout those game endings? Did you play all of them or just your face character ending? Comment below on your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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