New Nikon D610 & D5300 Rant

My lovely photography friends, as you all might know, the Nikon D610 and the Nikon D5300 was recently released in the last week or so. My goodness, that beautiful new Nikon D610… well, it very much resembles its predecessor the Nikon D600, except for a few extra features. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful full frame to get your hands on… If you close your eyes and swipe your credit card without looking. My inner photographer artist aches for a full frame and just as I contemplate trading in my basic D3100 for a full frame, my inner frugal poor university self goes and beats the crap out the head-in-the-clouds photographer artist that’ll definitely leave me broke one day. (◞‸ლ)

Let’s look at the specs…

D610bodyNikon D610:

– 24.3MP Full-frame sensor CMOS sensor

– ISO 100-6400

– Max 6fps continous shooting + quiet continuous shooting at 3fps

– 39 AF focus points, 9 cross type AF points and 33 points available at f/5.6

– Refined auto white balance system

– A 3.2 inch LCD screen with 921k dots

– Dual memory card slots

– Wireless flash control

– 1080p30 full HD video with uncompressed video recording (HDMI)

Retail Price: $1999 (body-only) (;´Д`)

I have to say that I think I’ll really benefit from the new white balance and quite continuous shooting mode so I don’t feel so self-conscious taking a whole batch of photos at quiet formal events. However, id on’t know if the slightly improved shooting speed will do much. The body-only kit is already up to almost $2000 and other upgraded kits with an additional lens and other accessories will amp the price up to $3000. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(=益=ლ

D5300bodyNikon D5300

– 24.1MP DX format CMOS sensor without OLPF

– ISO 100-12800 (to 25600 expanded)

– EXPEED 4 processing

– 5fps continuous shooting

– 39 AF points, 9 cross type points

– 1.04M dot 3.2” vari-angle LCD monitor

– 2016 pixel RGB metering senosr

– 1080p60 video recording + in-built stereo mic

– Available in Black, Grey and Red

Retail Price: $800

Is there really any change from the D5200? What do you guys think? I was never a big fan of this series, the body feels a little bulky to me but that’s because I have quite tiny hands but I know this is a popular series for some.

Since the D5300 isn’t full frame, the price is just a litttttttleeee bit less than the D610. Well, as much as I would love to get my hands on either of these new releases BUT my wallet and my inner frugal stick-in-the-mud self disagrees with the intense market prices. But have any of you gotten these newbies already? Or are you, like me, waiting for those Christmas sales and special promotions? (*´∀`) hehe

Till next time!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

… I dream of a day when DSLRS may come in pink or pearl white \(*-*\)

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