Log Horizon Episode 3-4 Rant

Log Horizon Ep 4 (4)

I found that in many ways, I have underestimated Log Horizon, which is good, because I don’t want to get my hopes up and see it turn into another weird SAO romance video game anime. I’ve been immensely pleased with what’s been going on so far because of the focus on the actual player to video game interactions. It is through the characters’ interactions with the world do we see their own personalities surface and their strengths and weaknesses unfold.

Despite how realistic Elder Tale has become, at the end of the day, it is still a game. Your class, occupation, stats and the rules of the game are confined within certain limits. Level 90 guardians are not suddenly going to pull out a secret dual wield skill that completely goes against their nature. The reason Shiroe is such a brilliant strategist is because he knows all these rules, he knows all the skills and stats of each class and player, allowing him to factor in all possible outcomes and determine the best strategy to victory.

Log Horizon Ep 4 (38)Episode 3 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Shiroe, Akatsuki and Naotsugu have arrived at the entrance to the Depths of Palm below the Tearstone Mountains. The cavernous tunnels are the quickest and relatively safest route to Susukino to save the little guild member Serara. Creepiest part of those tunnels? The nasty rat creatures…

On a sidenote- Despite food being cooked by a sub class chef, everything still tastes bland and tasteless. So there’s really no hope for fine dining and exquisite cuisine in this world.

Log Horizon Ep 4 (34)

Log Horizon Ep 4 (29)What I find interesting about the class and occupation systems is that you can have a main class and subclass. While Shiroe is mainly an Enchanter, his subclass is scribe. Oh look. There’s a maid subclass too… because you definitely need to up those laundry skills and dishwashing skills. Good job Serara. Gold star for you! All the while, the guild masters are gathering in Akihabara at the Crescent Moon Guild for a meeting…

I really loved the character building with Shiroe and his Elder Tale memories. After he joins the gain and quickly becomes renowned as an experienced player, other players begin to latch onto him for quests, parties and rare items. However, when Shiroe encounters the Debauchery Tea Party who game for the sake of adventure, he’s opening to a whole new perspective in the game.

Funniest moment- When Shiroe and Naotsugu find out that Akatsuki is the SAME AGE AS THEM. I love the camaraderie building between the members of the main trio. Do any of you guys ship Akatsuki and Shiroe? They’d make a cute couple >v<

Creepiest moment- When the king rats of all creepy rats appear in the tunnels. *shudders Why does it have to be rats??!?

Favourite moment- When the gang makes it out of the tunnels to be greeted by a beautiful sunset; there’s such a wonderfully refreshing sense of adventure and accomplishment that I get from this episode.

Log Horizon Ep 5 (42)

Episode 4 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

After the journey/transition events of the last episode, Shiroe’s group has finally reach Susukino. One of the reasons I’ve rated this episode so high is because of the astonishing strategizing that Shiroe plans as they enter the city. He cleverly hides Naotsugu and has Akatsuki stay out of sight until battle.

Remember that strange neko-san, Nyanta? Apparently he’s an old acquaintance of Shiroe’s. Shiroe calls him “Chief” which makes me really wonder what kind of person Nyanta truly is because he sort of sounds like an old man. Also, how does he really feel about being a cat person? How does a human player reconcile his physical self with an animal body?!?

So, Shiroe, Nyanta, Serara and the others prepare to go up against the Brigandia’s guild master, Demikas. I really wonder why he’s so obsessed with Serara. Geez. Look no further for your child pedophiles. Players who play to terrorize little girls are just cowards that don’t have anything better to do in their lives. They don’t deserve revival in the cathedral. Shiroe’s already deduced the fact that their little group will be attacked once they step outside the safety of the city walls so I’m extremely amused with Nyanta’s trust in Shiroe as well as Shiroe’s ability to utilize every single one of his allies’ strengths. Even Akatsuki is amazed at this by the end of the episode.

The battle starts around the midpoint of the episode and drags out till the end, but each step is carefully calculated and chosen, making use of casttimes and cool-down times. By the way, a big thanks to the writers of the show for Akatsuki’s narration of the battle to better illustrate the intricacies of Shiroe’s strategy that the action perhaps overlooked on the surface. If you have some time, definitely go and rewatch the battle after you hear the layout from Akatsuki, it seems all the more amazing that Shiroe’s able to manipulate his pieces of the chessboard to his advantage.

Favourite moments- When Shiroe repeatedly gets Demikas’ name wrong, and looks so suave doing so

Uh, I don’t know exactly how I feel about that opening song. There’s a lot of English in it and a lot of talk-shout-singing. It’s sort of growing on me. The driving pounding energy of the song really puts you into the mood for action though. But overall, Log Horizon seems to be keeping out a steady pace of action, easing us into the world as the story unfolds. Also, I’m really getting very amused and accustomed to Akatsuki’s epic assassinations behind unsuspecting players. I feel like her part of the story might be the transition from a lone assassin life to a member of a team. All in all, I’m excited to see what’s coming next and I hope you are too!  And how ‘bout that epic ending with the griffons again? Seems like Naotsugu is the only one without a chibi by his side ;P

Log Horizon Ep 5 (15)

I realized that I named the screenshots an episode ahead by accident! ^_^”

Anyway, thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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