Tokyo Ravens Episode 7 & 8 Review

Hey guys, we are way behind on Tokyo Ravens reviews this week so today we’re looking at the two latest episodes. The reason I often lag when it comes to these reviews is because of the slow-paced plot development. To … Continue reading



UTAPRI FANGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and boys) As you can see from the title, the final battle song that HE★VENS sang against ST☆RISH AND NOW THE SONG HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED! THIS IS AMAZING! I’M FANGIRLING SO HARD!!!!

In Uta no☆Prince Sama♪ 2000%, Heavens was the band competing against ST☆RISH for the UtaPri (Prince of Song) award. Have a listen to their song and click the mediafire link for a download! It’s just so darn catchy!!

HE★VENS Members are…

Eichi Otori (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa)- The “leader” of the group and rather arrogant. He’s the megane brunette.

Nagi Mikado (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga)- The shota of the group earning him the name “Cutie Nagi”

Kira Sumeragi (voiced by Daisuke Ono) <KYAA>– The quiet one of the group but seems to like Nanami’s music very much despite being part of the antagonist group.

If you’re an otome fan and you haven’t played Uta no Prince-Sama or watched the anime, I implore you to do so. It’s absolutely amazing. I love it so much and it’s one of my favourite animes ❤ Here are my First Impressions

And if you are a fan of the show… Have you seen Out of the Box and my UtaPri Animate Post (Yes, I am a HUGE TOKIYA FAN >///////<

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Log Horizon Episode 7-8 Rant

Episode 7 Review: 3/5 complacent clouds  Episode 8 Review: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds  See, I’ve rewatched these two episodes quite a few times this week trying to figure out how I want to rate them… Since the Crescent Moon Guild’s … Continue reading

Top 5 Jay Chou Songs

Jay Chou2I am a really big Jay Chou fan and I usually listen to a his songs when I’m studying or on the go because here’s literally a Jay Chou song for every occasion; anytime I tune into the depth and imagery of his lyrics or I tune out, for he mere melody and sounds of the song, I’m struck by what a talented and versatile artist he is.

Jay Chou is most definitely without a doubt if I had to choose one artist to listen to for the rest of my life my favourite artist ever (or at least, in the Mandopop music scene). Now, Jay Chou has a lot of albums- and I mean a LOT but whether you’re a diehard Jay Chou forever fan or just starting to get into his music today, you’ll find that there seems to be that one album that speaks to you most profoundly.  For me, that was November’s Chopin.

Jay Chou’s music falls anywhere from slow and meaningful ballads to fast paced R&B amalgamated with catchy beats and many times, European orchestral sounds or classic ancient Chinese instrumentals. It’s for this unique and utterly signature style of music that allows a listener to instantly identify Jay songs amidst a playlist or on the radio. It’s impossible to zone out of his songs entirely because he just doesn’t let you. Almost every song holds its own individual story within the overarching theme of the album. For example, Jay’s album Dragon Rider aims to evoke the aesthetic and mysticism behind Chinese astronomy and horoscopes while his more recent 2011 album Exclamation Mark aims at lighter and more outspoken styles to evoke the cartoonist style as portrayed from his album art. Speaking of which, for those of you who collect his albums, you’ll find out that placing the CDs side by side will showcase the diversity of his music throughout his development as an artist.

Curse of the Golden Flower

Today I really to share with you guys my top 5 all time favourite Jay Chou songs that I never ever get tired of.

5) 菊花台Chrysanthemum Terrace from Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) and included in Still Fantasy (2006) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang] – Saw the movie as a kid and thought it was kinda weird but Jay was pretty cool and the song is a beautiful addition to the atmosphere of the story and the symbolism of chrysanthemums.

Jay Chou - Still Fantasy4) 千里之外Faraway ft. Fei Yu Ching from Still Fantasy (2006) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- This is my favourite duet of all the duets Jay’s ever sung with other artists. It’s not like his usual style but the song is really catchy and carefree, evoking sentiments of nostalgia through its wistful lyrics and vocals.

Jay Chou - November's Chopin3) 髮如雪Hair like Snow from November’s Chopin (2005) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- My favourite song on November Chopin which was the first Jay Chou album I ever got. I love the music style of the album as a whole and it’s the romantic vocals that get me in the song.

Jay Chou - Capricorn2) 蘭亭序Orchid Pavilion from Capricorn (2008) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- I love the story and meaning behind the lyrics of this song. It’s the metaphors and the imagery in conjunction with the use of Chinese instrumentals in order to bring out a visual and auditory landscape in the listener’s mind that places this song so high on my list.

??????????????1) 青花瓷 Blue and White Porcelain from On the Run (2007) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- I first heard this song a few years ago when I bought Jay’s On the Run album. I love it so much because it tells the story of a painter reminiscing as he paints; every line of poetry and every brush stroke of the lady’s porcelain portrait reminding him of a distant love.

Hope you guys liked this post and if you’re a Jay Chou fan as well, comment below on your favourite songs! You can never get enough of his music and I’ve been gradually collecting all his albums over the years. Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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Diabolik Lovers Episode 9-10 review

Episode 9 Review: 4/5 curiously excited clouds  Episode 10 Review: 4.5/5 OUT OF THIS WORLD excited clouds  In these subsequent episodes, the overarching plot advancement is Cordelia’s awakening in Yui. We are finally told that Richter was the one who … Continue reading

Barajou no Kiss First Impressions Review

Hi guys, I’m a little behind on this week’s manga reviews but today we’re looking at an old series but has a shojo flair that still falls in the modern manga styles of late. I’m talking about Barajou no Kiss … Continue reading

Cloudy (frantically) Says…

First of all, for everyone who has assignments and exams soon, GANBATTE AND GOOD LUCK!! FIGHTO!!!!

Sleep, Eat, Study, Exam, right? ( ´_ゝ`)

Yui and Mio Studying

Overall, I just wanted to let you guys know that the reason I’ve seen off the blogosphere for a while is because of school stuff OTL I’m a fairly organized person and I don’t procrastinate much unless I’m following the end of a series that’s REALLY GOOD in which case, I stop everything in my life for it, but university work is a completely otherworldly load of work that’s completely unmanageable especially when we get into these last few weeks of November when it’s essay season. (I know, I still have to review Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, I’m getting lots of pressure from friends to do that – and I will get to it! I hope…)

Now here’s a list of everything that you’ll see in the following weeks… they’ll more or less be out soon…

Anime Reviews

– Kill La Kill Episode 8-9 rant

– Diabolik Lovers Episode 9-10 rant and review

– Log Horizon Episode 7-8 rant

– Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 9 review

– Tokyo Ravens Episode 7 review

^As always, these series are ongoing^ if you guys have any anime series you would like to see reviews of, post in the comments and I’ll definitely find time to do a first impressions review of them during the holidays. If you guys want to see last week’s posts please check out these links

Kill La Kill Ep 6-7 Rant, Diabolik Lovers Ep 7-8 Rant and Review, Log Horizon Ep 5-6 Rant, Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 8 Review, Tokyo Ravens Ep 5-6 Review

Manga Review

– Barajou no Kiss/Kiss of the Rose Princess First Impressions

– Full Vampire Knight Series Review

– Olympos (Stand Alone) Review

– Stray Love Hearts First Impressions

And as always, I like to keep my Light Otaku Living posts a secret and the Out of the Box specials a surprise 😉 Thanks for dropping in even though you’re super busy follower, and if you’re a new viewer, welcome and I hope you enjoy what I’ve posted! (´ω`*)

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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 8 Review

Really fantastic episode of Kyoukai no Kanata this week! The meaning of the title holds quite a lot of weight in the story and it seems like he big plot is slowly being set in motion. Rating: 5/5 curiously excited … Continue reading

The Little Things~ Animate USA Mini Haul

Hi guys! It’s been a pretty busy week for me since I had to get all my work done before I returned home for my grandma’s birthday. Luckily, my package from Animate USA came right on time so I got to grab all my new stuff before I return to my apartment in Kingston. This time I was really surprised at all the super fun bonus cards and stickers that came with my order.

The goods…

The Brothers Conflict rubber cell phone straps of Tsubaki and Azusa Asahina were a real treat. They’re just the perfect size, the detail in the designs go right down to the little diamond colours on each of their sweater vests and I’m once again impressed at the pristine condition of Japanese goods. Now that I’ve seen how well done these two straps are, I’m tempted to order the Natsume strap as well but having three (or maybe thirteen) on my phone might be a bit overboard 😉

I decided to get the Vocaloid clips on a whim because I’d never really seen official hair accessories that weren’t cosplay accessories for Vocaloid. The Anniversary bonus Meiko card and Kagamine Rin sticker had absolutely gorgeous art. They are just so adorable and I can’t wait to wear them around. And finally, the random single K Project coaster… I actually have Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata K Project coasters that go with the design of this set. When I originally got the Red King and Blue King in Japan, they didn’t have Kuroh so I was just ecstatic when I found this coaster online.

Well, that’s about it for this post. Like the title suggests, this was a really small package because I’m waiting for some online sales around Christmas season, as well, there will definitely be new merchandise out after the completion of this season’s anime series. As always, I love ordering from Animate whether its the Japan site or US site. The American site is easier to handle because it’s in full English and shipping doesn’t take as long nor is it too expensive. It’s absolutely fantastic that Animate is expanding into the North American market.

Hope you guys liked this haul, more to come when I order more stuff which will be soon ❤

– Cloudy

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Cloudy’s Secret Hobby- Online Gaming; the Rant

Hi guys, I know I’ve disappeared for about two days and it’s because I am SO SWAMPED with work lately… which is why I was inspired to do this post. Today I’ll be talking about one of my favourite distressing pastimes and that’s GAMING RAWR!

LaTaleI’m sure some of you guys probably game on your phones, at home, online, there are games everyone and it’s a great way to kill time during travel time to and from class or just pass the day away. I love logging online and partying with all my friends into dungeons and let my inner geeky gamer Cloudy out for a few minutes… sometimes a few hours. All of you are probably wondering if I play the two big ones – World of Warcraft or League of Legends and to be honest, I really don’t… I’m jut not a really big fan of the art style or the orientation of the game world. I’ve played LaTale, Maple Story, Mabinogi, Age of Wushu (Wulin), Club Penguin, Neopets (no shame), some by Gaia of which the names escape me, and many otome games… and of course, Tetris on Tetris Friends Online just because that’s my classic childhood mindless go-to game (well, not so mindless)

I lean to online games a lot so it’s either generated by the browser or easily downloadable. I’m mainly fan of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) games and it’s not only gaming, but social media at the same time because you get to connect with friends or family members on the other side of the globe playing the same game as you. It’s much more exciting than gaming on my own, that’s for sure. I love the MMORPG interactions with people who share similar interest with me and I enjoy following otome browser games over the summer every once in a while ❤

Maple Story

The big game I’ve never really been able to get away from was Maple Story. I first played it in elementary school when the experience points were A LOT HARDER TO GET. Hell, there use to be only 6 servers. Our whole gang in grade seven and eight played and it was a great interactive way to connect and chill together after school. I was really obsessed for a while… and when the hype finally died down, I thought it was over and done with, just a phase. Low and behold grade ten when I decided to game Maple Story again over the summer as a way to pass the time. Once again, levelling was extremely difficult. AND now we get to the present year, when the Maple world was restructured, the quests reorganized, the grading curve levelled out and the stories rewritten.  I have to admit, my current self is pretty impressed with the newly remade Maple World so if you hated the old one, you’ll love the new one. Seriously.

Recently Age of Wulin has been really great to me too. Since it’s a sandbox style game, you make an account, choose your professions and really cultivate your skills at your own pace. For lovers of ancient Chinese series, history buffs or general martial arts enthusiasts will love love love the world! If you’re into chibi anime art style gaming, go check out LaTale or Maple Story– but if you’re looking for a bit more refined animation, go for Mabinogi or Age of Wushu (Wulin). I generally like two dimensional games because I feel like I have more control when everything’s on one side of me, but I am really impressed with gamers who can manage three dimensional landscapes and still manage to stay alive during dungeon raids or zombie apocalypse hunts.

I’m not an intense gamer on a day-to-day basis which is why I generally try to stay away from the MASSIVE massively multiplayer online role playing games. What I found confusing about some of the big epic fantasy games was how they changed up a lot of the terms to be game-specific. For example, in Age of Wulin, experience points are called cultivation points and it takes a little while for your brain to make those connections when you bounce from game to game.

Part of why I enjoy choosing simple magic worlds involving classic quest styled adventures is because I love stepping into fantasy settings through the role of a character of my choosing whether it be a Hero, a resistance fighter, an Elf Queen or a regular adventurer, and seeing the world through their lens. And really, the fantasy genre is my personal preference but depending on what you like, whether it’s steampunk or sci-fi, dark fantasy or supernatural, there’s probably a game out there for you. Accounts are free and you don’t even have to pay for the game. Overall, MMORPGs are generally easy to catch onto due to the bulk of tutorials that are provided for you at the beginning, once you get ahold of the system, everything comes naturally and there’s no intense pressure to really do anything. You can immerse yourself in the game’s main storyline or reach a certain level and use that status to simply travel the land. I find that hunting down monsters is a great way to vent your rage or stress when it comes to the escapist aspects of the games. My preferred professions are usually archers, crossbowmen, hunters or anything involving medium to long distance projectiles. Somehow I don’t feel secure as a magic user cause if I ever run out of mana, I’m dead met and I’m usually too lazy to run up to monsters to kill them in direct combat so I generally prefer clearing the path up before I proceed. As well, I’ve found that long distance battle generally means fewer hits to health, but then again, I salute the master swordsmen who can charge into an army of orcs or goblins and leave completely unscathed or the master cleric or wizard who can level the earth with ground shaking lightning or storms of fire.

MapleStory Heroes

So now we’re nearing the end of our rant. I don’t do these often so I hope you all enjoyed this. Let me know why you guys game, which ones are your favourites and what profession you generally choose. If you play Maple Story (which is what I’m currently on), I would love to game with some of you and if you are not a Mapler, go try that game now! The character designs are adorable, the music is catchy, navigate and the fact that I keep returning it to periodically in my life says something about the story and world.

Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?   –Wouldn’t it be cool if one day MMORPGs became virtual reality oriented? *secretly wishes for actual Log Horizon, .hack and Sword Art Online (without the actual dying in game and life thing – duh!)