Kill La Kill Episodes 4-5 Rant

Kill La Kill Ep 4 (29)

Oh look, super powerful sailor uniforms have nightmares too… and Senketsu’s worst nightmare is being scrubbed to death by a doting mother LOLLLLLLL. Oh how Mako’s family amuses me. Since Senketsu is being cleaned for the day… the Mankanshoku family promises to deliver it to her later and Ryuko heads to school crowd surfing the No-stars all the way to schoo. This is NO-LATE DAY… what? No giant red letters to make a point this time?

Ira Gamagoori, one of the Academy’s Elite Four is overseeing the No=Late Day event which takes place once a semester. Alarm goes off at 4AM and the students must begin running through obstacles and traps to make it to school on time or risk inspection. WELL THAT’S NOT SADISTIC AT ALL.

I love Mako’s logi. She really defies the laws of the universe. People just let her say what she wants and she preaches TRUTH whenever Ryuko seems to be caught in a conundrum or a technicality.

Kill La Kill Ep 4 (25)


Kill La Kill Ep 4 (15)After reaching the first checkpoint, Ryuko and Mako run into Maiko Ogure who puts on this entire melodramatic act to join their team. I really have to give Ryuko mad props in this episode because she’s totally proven that even without Senketsu, she has the ability to get through the obstacles on her own, despite Maiko and Mako’s clumsy accidents.

I suddenly feel really bad for Seneketsu. He keeps getting thrown around in accidents due to noseblees… and then Guts the dog brings him to his master by mouth… On Ryuko’s end, she and her comrades have hijacked a bus in order to get to school. Just before they reach homeroom, Maiko reveals her EVIL PLAN TO STEAL SENKETSU FOR HER OWN. Maiko’s true identity is the Disciplinary Committee Head of Trap Development so all this has been a plan in order to obtain Senketsu and revolt against Satsuki for the position of Student Body President… Bitch be cray. I could see Satsuki eating her alive and spitting her out in pieces. Since the woman is completely shameless, the transformation actually takes place… as retarded and awkward it ends up looking.  DAMN it’s like everyone masters the life fiber synchronization in ten seconds except Ryuko LOLLLLLL

But despite Maiko’s clever scheme to latch onto the pair, foil their efforts and steal Senketsu… well, things don’t exactly go as planned. Senketsu actually has the ability to freeze up the fighter LOL HUNDRED POINTS TO THE KAMUI!

Favourite moment of the episode– when Senketsu spits out Maiko’s blood XDDDDD What a loyal and amusing uniform.

Kill La Kill Ep 4 (6)

As a result of Maiko’s schemes, our heroes have been thrown back before Square 1 and end up taking the super prestigious ride that the upper class takes to school. On the crazy bitch’s end, Gamagoori weeds her out of her treasonous state and EXPELS HER.

Kill La Kill Ep 4 (4)

Ryuko Matoi? – Present. (Nicely done.)

Kill La Kill Ep 4 (2)

Lessons learned after Episode 4- Girls don’t steal other girls’ uniforms. Got it? Good.

I have to say that this episode was a pretty hilarious interjection between the main plot development of the series. It contributes a lot to the world building and seriously, school is the central focus of EVERYONE’S LIVES in this world… which is kinda sad, but also hilarious at the same time.

So then in the NEXT EPISODE. Aside from the Satsuki versus Ryuko conflict that’s been driving the plot so far, we introduced to a different part of the world that seems to be against the school for its life fiber clothing x human power relationships. Enter Kinagase Tsumugu, a goku-suit and Kamui guerilla fighter badass.

Kill La Kill Ep 5 (36)Now, since episode 3, with Satsuki having sent the entire student body after Ryuko, she’s been busy fighting club after club… giving her just a bitttttt of a big head. She can even change the size of the scissor now! Senketsu’s becoming quite an amusing character adjacent to Ryuko… however, when Ryuko meets Tsumugu, who’s vastly experienced in fighting life fiber clothing users and who also speaks in couplets he’s determined to take down the kamui suits because of its potential for destruction. And it looks like Tsumugu is pretty acquainted with combat with life fiber users.

Kill La Kill Ep 5 (35)“People and clothing are not enemies.” Uh YES THAT’S CORRECT. THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT Aikurou.

On the high school fascist council’s end, they’re trying to ID Tsumugu’s background and weaponry. The Culture Committee is thus assigned to… take care of Ryuko. Speaking of which, since she’s the only one who can hear Senketsu, the Mankanshoku family thinks she’s just a little weird because she’s friends with her uniform, the only outfit she owns. I’m still trying to wrap my head around talking sailor suits that drink blood and possess superpowers. Suspension of belief and Otaku girl—ON. Reasonable university brain – OFF.

Kill La Kill Ep 5 (23)In the second battle with Tsumugu, Ryuko’s got her hands full fighting him while the Culture Committee wreaks havoc across the school in an attempt to target Tsumugu or Ryuko… or maybe both. The Culture Committee leader seems to have some unspoken understanding with Satsuki soooo we don’t actually find out their intent till the very end. But back to the action – after a couple hundred rounds of Tsumugu’s fiber-human jamming needles, Senketsu finally returns to his school uniform state. The most epic moment has to be when Tsumugu’s about to kill Ryuko. He mentions that there use to be a woman who believed that people and clothing could cooperate peacefully and she ended up dying… now I’m curious of Tsumugu’s back story. But just as Tsumugu shoots her, Senketsu takes a shot for her trying to protect her.

Kill La Kill Ep 5 (13)Dramatic moment TOTALLY INTERRUPTED by Mako. Thanks for the explanation Mako-chan. We really need to be more sympathetic to people with only one outfit (she said sagely). Interestingly enough, Mako’s rant digresses into friendship, giving Ryuko a moment of clarity with her friendship and camaraderie with Senketsu. When Jakuzure, the Culture Committee President makes a move on the two, Ryuko ends up being saved by Tsumugu after hearing Senketsu speak to him…

What lies for Ryuko and Senketsu next? This turned out to be a longer recap and rant that I anticipated. However, it was tons of fun going through the recent two episodes of Kill La Kill. I’m seeing a power struggle, themes of friendship, oppression and freedom as well as a lot of subtle hints to the discrepancies between the elite and the no-stars. If you look past the hilarious shounen action battle scenes and whacky exaggerated dramatic dialogue, there’s some deconstructing to be done if you’re into the meat of anime plotlines.

What do you guys think of that ending song and credits? It hints at Ryuko’s life if she was just a regular high school girl in a regular world. Can you imagine Ryuko in a slice of life high school comedy?

Man, those preview shots look SO EXCITING. I can’t wait for next week’s episode of KLK! Thanks for reading and if you want to hear more rants coming in the future, don’t forget to follow me!

– Cloudy

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