Missions of Love Volume 5 Review

Missions of Love 5Heyhey guys! How are you all? Today we’re going to be looking at Missions of Love Volume 4 which I got a few weeks ago but haven’t had the time to post until now, so let’s get started~

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

3The start of this volume picks up right after Yukina has lost the bet (not to speak to Shigure for a whole week), she has to do one task- which is to go to an amusement park?!?? It all turns out into a devious plot to separate Yukina and Shigure. Mami pretends to kiss Shigure on the ferris wheel, where Yukina can obviously see them and Akira makes a move on Yukina…. But for all of Akira’s advances to Yukina as her “knight,” he’s pretty respectful of her feelings, choosing not to kiss her until she actually falls in love with him. This completely changes my opinion on Akira. Whereas Mami is obsessively blindly in love with Shigure and ends up imposing herself on him under the pretense that he belongs to her, Akira has enough common sense to observe Yukina’s interactions with Shigure to deduce that he’s got to honestly work for her affections. Akira’s even perceptive enough to catch onto Mami’s little lies

9In the whole aftermath of the misunderstanding, Yukina and Shigure are almost dancing around their relationship- if it can be called that at all. Yukina wonders to Shigure why he doesn’t kiss her whether or not he loves Mami instead. It’s in that moment when Shigure admits his fear for falling in love with her if he really kissed her. There’s so much dramatic irony in this story because there are so many misunderstandings and episodes of self-denial of love or ignorance of love that we can easily see through even though it’s all oblivious to the characters themselves.

7In Yukina and Shigure’s most intimate moments during their missions of love, I really wish I could shake the two of them and just point out that they both obviously like each other but they’re too chicken and insecure to admit that they want more than just occasional missions of love. Then again, if they became a couple right off the bat and the plot took a turn to the issues in relationships, the series would dull because the whole premise of the story is figuring out what love is, how it’s suppose to feel, who you truly love and the kinds of love you experience.

Anyway, hope you guys liked this review. This series is getting released at pretty regular intervals every few months. The next volume is released on January 14 next year T_T and the cover looks SO GORGEOUS!!

– Cloudy

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