Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 Review (…not really)

The episode starts and ends with Mitsuki angrily taking out her frustration on an empty soap bottle in the shower. You’ll find out soon…

Rating: 5/5 happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 6 (56)Most. Random. Youmu. Ever.

It’s a fruit.

And it will drench you in its disgusting bodily fluids. That make you smell. Really badly. Until you kill it.

This weird fruit youmu also has a fetish for cute girls and songs. So… it has weaknesses, but it’ll attack you if it notices you making a move on it. When almost everyone’s been drenched, Hiromi comes up with a plan to sing to the youmu with its favourite song (previously discovered by the previous youmu slayer) LOLLLLLLLL but I guess it sucks cause Mirai is a horribly singer. THINGS GET DRAMATIC after Hiromi gets drenched. IT SUCKS BEING STINKY DOESN’T IT?!?!? *cue dramatic friend camaraderie music of togetherness*


The whole gang’s dresses in concert gear and lookin’ like pop stars. BEST MOMENT EVER. KYOUKAI NO KANATA IDOLS!!!!! (Should have called on STARISH right, no wait, maybe ClariS) This scene is definitely a parody of those inspirational get-together-as-a-team moments that we so often see in idol/music performance anime series. KAWAII AI-CHAN!! MOE TO THE MAX!!!!! I’m not usually a crazy moe fan by Ai-chan makes me scream for her cuteness.

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 6 (4)Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 6 (3)

…. AND the performance to kill the youmu still fails. AHAHAHAHA

Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 6 (40)Okay, so this wasn’t much of a review, more like me ranting but it was a really fun episode!! And I feel so many things after that song. Don’t think too much of it

On a more serious note… WHO’S GONNA DEFEAT THAT YOUMU?!?!??

Okay, time to spam the replay button on idol scene and learn that dance while I wait for next week’s episode.

The song is called Yakusoku no Kizun and it’ll be released in January but for now, have a listen or click the link for your own download. I converted part of the episode and clipped it, so hope you guys have fun with this version till the real version’s released!

– Cloudy

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