Cloudy Says…

Hey guys, I’ve had a pretty crappy week this week. There have been tests, essays, school issues, house issues and the weather’s just been horrible. Blogging usually takes my mind off my worries so I’ve decided to post a Cloudy Says because we haven’t had one of these in a while.

If you’ve been following my tweets, you probably know that I just got a new phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note III and even though it’s HUGE, it lets me blog and interact with social media everywhere I go so it’s absolutely fantastic compared to my old phone. I’m not trying to promote Samsung LOL. I totally paid for this phone and my wallet still hurts but the trade off is that I can carry my manga with me on an electronic app called MangaSearcher wherever I go, allowing me more time to read manga on the go which is great for me and for you guys cause there will be at least one manga review every week.

Speaking of Wednesday, it just so happens that every week around this time of the week, I feel inspired to write about a manga series so starting today, every Wednesday (or roughly this time in the week) there’s going to be a Midweek Manga Review. This gives me and you a relatively solid day for when manga reviews are going to be posted so please look out for that every week. I’ll be tweeting about it on Tuesday nights as well.

Series continuously being reviewed -> Kyoukai no Kanata, Log Horizon, Diabolik Lovers, Kill La Kill, Tokyo Ravens

If you’re following me for seasonal anime reviews, rants and screenshots, thank you very much for your support! And if you’re specifically following Kyoukai no Kanata, produced by Kyoto Animation and aired every Wednesday, you may or may not have heard that the ending song “Daisy,” sung by Stereo Dive Foundation has been recently leaked. I don’t blame them, the songs is really catchy and it’s one of my favourite songs this fall season. If you haven’t heard it, have a listen from the player below or click the mediafire link for the download.

Here’s the opening song as well…

Also, both the opening and ending songs of Kill La Kill and Golden Time have been released. Only the opening for Tokyo Ravens is out, the ending song will be released towards the end of November.

I hope you’re all well wherever you are!

Love Logo_Text_Cropped

– Cloudy

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