Diabolik Lovers Episode 7-8 Rant & Review

Diabolik Lovers Ep 7 (28)

Episode 7 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Diabolik Lovers Ep 7 (5)The cutest and probably most significant episode so far, making this a high point in the series thus far. In previous episodes, Richter’s already mentioned that Yui’s awakening will take place soon and if you’ve played the games, you probably know what this mean. In this episode, she passes out during a thunderstorm and sees glimpses of the Sakamaki brothers’ childhood when all of their mothers were alive. We get to see Cordelia, Beatrice and Christa all interact with their sons. We see Cordelia and Beatrice push the eldest of their sons to their full potential so that they may become heir to the family. What’s most interesting is the comparison we get between little Sakamaki brothers versus older twisted sadistic brothers. As well, more of Richter and Cordelia’s past. This episode goes by pretty quickly… when Yui wakes up from her dreamlike trance, she finds herself in the lower underground tunnels of the estate where she’s corned by Ayato and Raito who suck her blood AT THE SAME TIME—(I’m really trying to get over all this sadistic blood sucking, like STAPPIT)

Overall, I give the writers MAJOR PROPS for fitting not one, not two but SIX sets back story hints into a ten minute episode… and if you’re a Raito fan, feel free to make that end card your desktop wallpaper. Who’s your favourite chibi Sakamaki?

Episode 8 Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Diabolik Lovers Ep 8 (1)

Diabolik Lovers Ep 8 (14)It begins with Ayato who’s severely injured Cordelia. When she goes to Raito’s aid, he promises to keep her safe… which entails him pushing her off a balcony since the ultimate expression of love for vampires, is death. After this, Kanato finds her on a bed of roses under the rain with her heart already taken out. Kanato then promises to make her warm since her body’s grown cold from death, and burns it. SO MUCH INTENSE BACK STORY ERMAHGOD.OH YUI, YUI, YUI – don’t you know better than to mention the brothers’ pasts when it’s obvious that SOME S**T must have happened to them that caused their mental and sadistic imbalance. Wowwwwwww crazy reveals in this episode. We finally get to see that b**** Cordelia appear >=D AND DIE.

Diabolik Lovers Ep 8 (4)But after being scared out of her wits, Yui runs into the garden and bumps into Subaru who tells her that she should have escaped when she had the chance to.  She even asks Subaru about HIS mother, as if the events from the first story weren’t traumatic enough to begin with. Subaru’s so tragic in the anime 0////0 It was adorable when he hugged her… and a little less when he started sucking her blood but he explains to her why he gave her the knife and I suppose that’s as close as we’ll get to a love-dovey moment in DL.

Just before the episode ends, Yui finds Ayato in her bed in the middle of the night… so much suspense for the next episode from the previews!

– Cloudy

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