Tokyo Ravens Episode 5 & 6 Review

Tokyo Ravens Epiosde 5 (32)

Episode 5 Rating: 3.5/5 fairly satisfied clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Tokyo Ravens Epiosde 5 (38)Okay, so we pick up from the end of episode 4 where Kyoko and Harutora are going at in an old-out familiar battle… it ends quick enough and then we get on with the rest of our story… totally anti-climactic if you ask me.

This episode explores the difference in positions between Harutora and Natsume despite being partners and schoolmates. Seems like Harutora’s fitting in splendidly into his high school life, to which I asked, “WHAT ARE YOU THE PRODUCERS DOING WITH THE STORY?!?!?” Where is the plot even headed? And what is the point of having a fox spirit familiar named Kon, other than for kawaii shrieking purposes.

Tokyo Ravens Epiosde 5 (36)

Tokyo Ravens Epiosde 5 (31)The reason that I’ve become quite annoyed with the series as of late is not because there’s an awkwardness between Harutora and Natsume due to Natsume’s status as a boy at the school, but because they’ve started to hint Kyoko’s ROMANTIC INTEREST in Natsume, who she claims, to Harutora, that he made her a promise as kids. WHICH WE KNOW IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBE BECAUSE NATSUME IS A GIRL. I didn’t mind having Natsume pose as a boy, it would definitely discourage the romantic rumours that may circulate her and Harutora at the school, however, having that weird romantic pursuit on Kyoko’s end seems unnecessarily excessive. I wouldn’t mind if Kyoko and Natsume hashed it out and then Natsume came clean about her gender so they bonded in a warm friendship empathetic atmosphere.

More of the Yakou fanatics appear in this episode… one of which, within the official omnyo exorcist departments that have gone as far as to kidnap Natsume in his religious zeal. I was pretty impressed with the way Harutora and the others fought the familiar/demon, despite being amateurs. Due to the high school atmosphere that the academy has set for us, our gang of regulars and supporting characters have been nicely carved out in the plot.

Tokyo Ravens Epiosde 5 (16)

Tokyo Ravens Epiosde 5 (34)One character that particular stands out to me now is Touji, Harutora’s best friend and supposed sidekick in the anime. I feel like he really stands outside all the bulk of the dramatic irony being injected into the story right now. He knows that Natsume was actually Hokuto, he mostly advances the plot as an information-provider among the gang, and he’s pretty sharp when it comes to figuring the intentions of the other characters… plus, he’s not hard to look at >w<

Like Touji mentioned in earlier episodes, Harutora really is an idiot… having the pink ribbon tied around Natsume’s hair every day doesn’t ring ANY bells for him AT ALL despite being so close to Hokuto. As well, we’re hinted at Kyoko’s story just in one glimpse when she flashes a bright smile at Harutora in which he’s reminded of her childhood self.

For now, it seems like the supernatural dynamics and combat action has taken a backseat to the high school setting that seems like an imperative in EVERY ANIME SERIES – thank you marketing teams and statisticians. I’m all for high school slice of life romance and hilarious comedic misunderstandings but WHERE DID THE ORIGINAL STORYLINE GO?!?? *checks under bed and behind manga shelf – nope, not there*

Episode 6 Rating: 2/5 wtf clouds 2 wtf clouds crop –> I HAD TO MAKE NEW CLOUDS FOR THIS RATING DAYUMM


Most. Random. Episode. Ever. I just… kept face palming. I have so many issues with what’s happened so far. And I’m not usually this incensed at what others would deem poorly executed plot!

The entirety of this episode was devoted to the after effects of Natsume’s move into the boys’ dorm as announced in the last episode. It’s making Harutora nervous, but it’s making everyone else even more nervous after Natsume attempts a plot to subtly reassure the others students that she’s a boy. Touji slyly urges Natsume to help Harutora with his shopping errands over the weekend.

Oh, other than this little shopping date thing… did I mention that STALKERISH DORM MOTHERS?!??! Liek, do dorm mothers have nothing better at the academy to do than to FOLLOW STUDENTS AROUND TOWN.

Tokyo Ravens Ep 6 (9)

Touji saves the day again. Naturally. And at this point, I’m convinced that the show should be renamed Tokyo High School Ravens… and why ravens? Still, no title reference.

Hopefully things will speed back onto its regular action-oriented plot with the segment of the antagonists of the Yakou crazies faction… which hints at Otomo Sensei’s past and the reason for his amputated leg… PLEASE GOOD GODS OF ANIME GIVE US SOMETHING MORE NEXT WEEK!!

– Cloudy

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