Kill La Kill Ep 6-7 Rant

Kill La Kill Episode 6 (23)

Episode 6 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kill La Kill Episode 6 (26)A really great episode that finally showcases the power and prestige of the Elite that surrounds Satsuki. Sanageyama of the Elite 4 decides to challenge Ryuko to a battle and it gets pretty intense. We see a bit more of Sekentsu’s powers, especially when it comes to the flexibility and versatility of the Kamui uniforms – particularly its ability to reattach itself even after dismembering part of it in order to cover up the Tengantsu power that Sanageyama relies on.

“One who relies overly on a single skill will be brought low by that very same skill, huh?” – Aikurou

Kill La Kill Episode 6 (30)The win goes to Ryuko at first but when Sanageyama in the first battle with Sanageyama having been overly confident in his sight. In order to prove himself to Satsuki and restore the honour of the Elite 4, Sanageyama has his eyes sewn shut in order to attain the eyes of the mind – Shingantsu. This time, what’s surprising is how much more powerful Sanageyama becomes. For the first time, the tough and proud Ryuko is knocked down and if it wasn’t for Sanageyama’s goku uniform overheating, Ryuko wouldn’t have survived this battle. She really did get lucky and looks like she’ll have to train a bit more before facing the top dogs head-on.

Nice little back story we see between him and Satsuki injected into parts of the story. I’m curious if we’ll get the back stories of the other Elite 4 and perhaps learn more of Nudist Beach, the organization that Aikurou mentioned…

Episode 7 Rating: 5/5 REALLY PSYCHED CLOUDS Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Kill La Kill Episode 7 (44)This was a really great episode. There was so much more than just action and combat. It delved into the innerworkings of Satsuki’s Academy and by extension, the society she rules over. Since Satsuki unleashed Honnouji Academy’s clubs on Ryuko (the winner being able to attain a three-star goku uniform) clubs have been splitting up to create their own clubs to attain two-star uniforms granted to club presidents. In order to prevent the divisions of “ultra-specific” clubs, Ryuko decides to start her own fight club, in order to take on the fighters.

At first, I thought there’d be some allusion to the book Fight Club, but then I remembered that this is a Japanese series and has nothing to do with Chuck Palahniuk… well, except for the fact that they fight Under Satsuki’s authorized permissions, Ryuko is made president. Not really… she ends up handing the administrative duties to Mako who becomes president in her stead while Ryuko focuses on taking on challengers.

“More stars means a better life. They’re all desperate” – Mako

Kill La Kill Episode 7 (31)As a result, Mako starts attending morning meetings, managing club activities and scheduling all of Ryuko’s fights for her. After a handful of wins for the fight club, Mako’s student status is promoted to a one star and consequently, her family. After all, the better you do at school, the better your social status becomes. For the first time, Mako’s entire family has been upgraded to a condo. For plebeians who have been living in poverty and hardship all their lives, it’s a pretty great change. Mako’s determined to keep the good living for her family. Slowly but surely, with the accumulation of Ryuko’s victories, the Mankanshoku family ascends to first class living. But it turns out that everyone is so enveloped in their materialistic ways of life that they’ve lost the original “twinkle” that they had in their eyes when they were poor but a unified. The life of the rich can be a lonely one despite having money.

Soon, Ryuko’s reached the top of the pyramid where even the Elite 4 start to get antsy about Ryuko and Mako fighting into the inner circle… Satsuki then reveals that it was her experiment/plan to see if the pair would be assimilated or destroyed by the academy. And it gets pretty scary, cause Mako starts to laugh evilly about taking over Honnouji Academy. Luckily, Ryuko decides to resign from the fight club. She doesn’t mind the slums… but it looks like Mako and the members of her family does. At this moment, Satsuki gifts Mako with a two-star goku uniform and tasks her with killing Ryuko – the prize being sustained social status and a three-star uniform.

Kill La Kill Episode 7 (15)


Satsuki is JUST SO EVIL!!!! And it almost looks like it’s all over for Ryuko… At one point I thought Ryuko would deliberately lose to Mako so that her friend and her family could keep their good living. Ryuko even reverts Senketsu into his regular form. At the end of the day, Mako stops at the final blow, realizing that fighting her best friend is madness.

“When  I became club president and our lives improved, I thought we had a sparkly in our eyes. I thought our whole family was glowing. But we weren’t. it was just a nasty glint. We were just being blinded by greed.” – Mako

Kill La Kill Episode 7 (7)

And that’s why liquids should only be animated by Kyoto Animation~

With Mako’s emotional outburst, the full power of her goku uniform is utterly released. DAYUMMM. Ryuko pointed out that she knew that Mako wasn’t fighting all out, having been conflicted with her desires for a good life and her friendship with Ryuko. Ryuko throws Mako’s example of compassion over greed, in Satsuki’s face… now I wonder what Satsuki is thinking now since she intends to hold a Reprisal General Election for Honnouji Academy, having purged the school of their weaklings and undesirables…

Kill La Kill Episode 7 (50)It’s a wonderful ending to a really deep and touching episode about how a simple family dinner at the table, stuffing Mystery Croquettes into your mouth living in a shack, can give happiness as opposed to the wealthy life of the high class. Much of the next part is hinted to us with the reveal of Satsuki’s plot… and then the previews mention something about Gamagoori and a car? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next week.

Part of why I’m enjoying the show so much, so far, is because of how empowering it is for girls. Despite the fanservice, or parody of, the two strongest characters of the show are female. Ryuko and Satsuki are respectively clever and powerful in their own ways. Even within the Elite 4, Jakazure seems to be a bit more perceptive when it comes to understanding some of Satsuki’s motives regarding the academy. In contrast to the fascist government systems we see in novels like Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, or histories of tyrants imposing militia rule, all have been male. We’ve reached an age in modernity when women are, arguably speaking, starting to level more with the male dominated forces that tip the scales in society. It’s great seeing an anime with female protagonists and antagonists that TAKE NO SHIT AND GIVE NO SHIT. In the world of Kill La Kill, the ladies are the one in charge while many of our male characters are passive bystanders, or brutes that just charge headlong into battle and get their butts kicked, Kamui-style. Can’t wait to see how it’ll all culminate into a final battle between Ryuko and Satsuki and some all out war… the finale should be epic.

Hope you guys liked this, if you did and you want more – you know what to do 😉

– Cloudy

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