The Little Things~ Animate USA Mini Haul

Hi guys! It’s been a pretty busy week for me since I had to get all my work done before I returned home for my grandma’s birthday. Luckily, my package from Animate USA came right on time so I got to grab all my new stuff before I return to my apartment in Kingston. This time I was really surprised at all the super fun bonus cards and stickers that came with my order.

The goods…

The Brothers Conflict rubber cell phone straps of Tsubaki and Azusa Asahina were a real treat. They’re just the perfect size, the detail in the designs go right down to the little diamond colours on each of their sweater vests and I’m once again impressed at the pristine condition of Japanese goods. Now that I’ve seen how well done these two straps are, I’m tempted to order the Natsume strap as well but having three (or maybe thirteen) on my phone might be a bit overboard 😉

I decided to get the Vocaloid clips on a whim because I’d never really seen official hair accessories that weren’t cosplay accessories for Vocaloid. The Anniversary bonus Meiko card and Kagamine Rin sticker had absolutely gorgeous art. They are just so adorable and I can’t wait to wear them around. And finally, the random single K Project coaster… I actually have Mikoto Suoh and Reisi Munakata K Project coasters that go with the design of this set. When I originally got the Red King and Blue King in Japan, they didn’t have Kuroh so I was just ecstatic when I found this coaster online.

Well, that’s about it for this post. Like the title suggests, this was a really small package because I’m waiting for some online sales around Christmas season, as well, there will definitely be new merchandise out after the completion of this season’s anime series. As always, I love ordering from Animate whether its the Japan site or US site. The American site is easier to handle because it’s in full English and shipping doesn’t take as long nor is it too expensive. It’s absolutely fantastic that Animate is expanding into the North American market.

Hope you guys liked this haul, more to come when I order more stuff which will be soon ❤

– Cloudy

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