Barajou no Kiss First Impressions Review

Hi guys, I’m a little behind on this week’s manga reviews but today we’re looking at an old series but has a shojo flair that still falls in the modern manga styles of late. I’m talking about Barajou no Kiss or Kiss of the Rose Princess.

Barajou-No-Kiss-barajou-no-kiss-8431978-2560-1899 (1)

Barajou No Kiss Volume 1

Kiss of the Rose Princess follows your regular protagonist girl who, like in many reverse harem otome themed series center around one girl who becomes the apple of every guy’s eye. From your gorgeous and flirtatious student body president, to the soft eyed sleepy head hair shouta that always somehow finds its way into the midst of these shows. This time, Our heroine’s name is Anis Yamamoto and the show wastes no time to reveal the fact that she’s the “Dominion” of the four Rose Knights who are bound to her through some contract of which details do not get revealed until later on in the series.

Now, backing up just a little bit, we learn in the first introductory arc that Anis was given a rose choker from her father and asked to never take it of lest misfortune and punishment befall her… not like Anis CAN anyway, it seems like that thing’s really stuck on there. But the funny thing is that after a little tussle with a magical creature named Ninufa who turns out to be more of an ally/mascot sidekick creature than an enemy, the choker disappears… and with her father’s recent phone calls, Anis needs to quickly find the choker before trouble finds her first.

Introducing the Rose Knights…

Barajou no Kiss 9

Kaede Higa, the Red Knight- He has sort of a love-hate relationship with Anis at the beginning but he’s really a softy at heart and super tsundere 😉 (second from your left in the photo)

Mitsuru Tenjou, the White Knight- He’s totally the pretty boy sparkly, swoon-worthy prince-like knight of the four and has a tendency to be overdramatic but that’s his charm! (your far right in the photo)

Mutsuki Kurama, the Black Knight- Starts off as a cold and harsh towards Anis but slowly warms up to her as he gets to know her. He’s your stoic and silent-vampire dark type. (second from your right in the photo)

Seiran Asagi, the Blue Knight- Representing an unusual rose colour, there’s a bit of mystery around him with his concoctions and science experiments. He very lovable and cute when he’s around his Dominion and you can’t help but cave when he looks at you with those round puppy dog eyes. (your far left in the photo below)

Barajou no Kiss5The art is gorgeous, if you’re into bishonen beautiful boys who sparkle at those dramatic moments, or gaze intently at you after serendipitous incidents, this is the series for you. Trust me girls, by the end of the first few chapters, you’ll have picked your favourite knight. Usually when it comes to these sorts of romantic comedy worlds, I tend to choose one favourite and stick with him throughout the story, however I find myself shifting back and forth between all of them.  There’s something great about each of them and what makes you swoon is their undying loyalty for their Dominion. Overall the plotline is pretty standard in its genres and it’s not hard to follow so it makes for a nice quick read if you’re just in it for the art. I would advise you not to read too into the plot and just enjoy the light romance or the funny dialogue at face value near the beginning. There’s fantasy, romance, comedy and LOVELYYYYY KNIGHTS to stare at through all nine volumes (*whispers* and it’s still ongoing) so I definitely recommend this to all you shojo lovers out there and if you’re familiar with the series or decide to give it a try, don’t forget to comment below on your favourite knight because I would love to fangirl with you!

I hope you girls liked this review and more will come slowly but surely!

– Cloudy

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