Diabolik Lovers Episode 9-10 review

Episode 9 Review: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode 10 Review: 4.5/5 OUT OF THIS WORLD excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Diabolik Lovers Episode 10 (3)In these subsequent episodes, the overarching plot advancement is Cordelia’s awakening in Yui. We are finally told that Richter was the one who implanted Cordelia’s heart into Yui (which you have probably already guessed if you’ve played the games). Though originally I thought that Yui might become closer to a certain Sakamaki brother before the final awakening so there’s actually someone who wants Yui to stay Yui instead of becoming Cordelia, that didn’t really work out like I originally thought. Yui does awaken and initially Cordelia has taken over her body although she claims that Yui is still conscious and attempting to reject her. Props to Ayato for guessing that panic and fear would allow Yui’s consciousness to overcome Cordelia’s.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 10 (16)Richter is completely sure that Cordelia will awaken, and you’d think that with his crazy-Cordelia obsession that seeing Yui conscious would make him angry but he’s actually pretty civil to her. The big thing right now is that Yui’s half-awakened blood is tantalizing and utterly irresistible to the brothers and like Richter hints that conflict may ensue over the sole possession of Yui’s blood. Why Yui’s blood is so desirable has yet to be revealed. Initially I thought that it may have between the triplets since it’s Cordelia’s blood but now I wonder what the big secret is since Shu and Subaru seem equally attracted to Yui’s blood. Haven’t seen Reiji yet but in the previews it looks like all the brothers will make an appearance for the climactic build up for the big finish.

Now I’m really glad I do DL reviews in pairs because episode 9 leaves a crazy cliff-hanger for the next part of the story… and then I realized that episode 10 presented an even bigger cliff-hanger. In  flash before the credits, Yui sees a vision of Cordelia beckoning her to the balcony and as Yui takes Cordelia’s hand, the awakening process completes and Yui and Cordelia merge. When Yui opens her eyes, they’re the same green as Ayato and Raito’s, signifying a full transformation.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 9 (9)CRAZY EXCITED for the last few episodes. Don’t know how it’s going to end and they don’t seem to have followed anything in the original routes of the Sakamaki brother in the games so I’m interested to see what the writers did to make a comprehensive ending for all the vampires. Will Cordelia be killed again or will Yui be able to suppress Cordelia in her mind? We still don’t know the back story regarding the intentions of the church even though Richter brushes it off as insignificant when Yui speaks to him. He agrees to answer her questions and after the first one he’s like “no, that’s not important, you’re so full of yourself stupid human” *facepalm* thanks for that no-information dump. He’s so melodramatic too especially right when the awakening begins, he opens his arms and he’s like “COME AT ME BRO” =,=””” … and then there’s just wind. I feel like he could have saved the big gesture for AFTER Cordelia surfaces into Yui’s consciousness.

On a completely review-unrelated note,  I have to say that Shu has to be my favourite of the brothers, I love his story in the game and I love that scene with him and Yui in the bathtub and again in episode 9 />///////<\

Also, have any of you guys noticed how in the room where Richter keeps Cordelia’s dress, chandeliers hang at various lengths in random places in the room? Whoever designed the Sakamaki mansion really had a flair for the gothic and dramatic, that or Richter added the extra chandeliers in his shrine to Cordelia *cough,* I mean her dress… and he’s STILL hitting on Cordelia though he’s like at least fifty now while Cordelia’s actually in the body of a seventeen year old so that threw me off…Diabolik Lovers Episode 9 (13)

Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all comes together in the next few episodes so I hope you all enjoyed this review and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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