Log Horizon Episode 7-8 Rant

Log Horizon Episode 7 (27)

Episode 7 Review: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Episode 8 Review: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Log Horizon Episode 7 (30)See, I’ve rewatched these two episodes quite a few times this week trying to figure out how I want to rate them… Since the Crescent Moon Guild’s discovered the secret of making good real-world-tasting food, they’ve been working on raising enough money to implement Shiroe’s plan to fix up Akihabara… Shiroe and Henrietta make a rather deadly duo when it comes to finance and budgeting… which brings me to my next point.

The series is taking a drastic U-turn from intense adventure gaming fantasy, into a focus on social and economic improvements of the world in Elder Tale as a whole. For now, we’re just at the first phase of Shiroe’s plan and in episode 7, we really don’t know what’s going on. Most of it is Shiroe touching base with the people he needs to touch base with. We are, however introduce to Soujirou, another member of the legendary Debauchery Tea Party guild (who’s quite popular with the ladies LOL)

Log Horizon Episode 7 (7)

Once we move onto Episode 8, we’re brought to the next phase of Shiroe’s plan which involves intense guild investment and funding from neighbouring guilds specializing in trade and crafts. With Henrietta’s hardass negotiating skills plus Marielle’s bright smiles, they manage to get the other guilds involved in Shiroe’s plan, though a large part of it was Shiroe’s reputation driving the negotiations in favour of the Crescent Moon Guild. Shiroe’s actually known as the Villain in Glasses… what a name. Either the translators aren’t completely exact… or the writers just ran out of megane ideas for the season =.=”””

Log Horizon Episode 8 (12)Shiroe and Henrietta are pretty perfect for each other LOL

Log Horizon Episode 8 (25)As well, on Minori and Tohya’s end, who provide a fair perspective of the bandit guilds that have coerced lower level players into hard labour, Shiroe was originally set on them but now Minori’s refused his aid due to Tohya’s aspirations to become stronger. I really wonder where that side plot is headed…

Under the guise of new legendary quests, with the expansion of the Novasphere Pioneer expansion quests and the temptations of the Crescent Moon food recipes, Henrietta manages to convince the other merchants into mutual cooperation… she even has them FIGHTING over sole sponsorship. Now with Henrietta and Marielle’s part completed, it’s time for Shiroe to personally see to the final negotiations in the conference of guilds which leave us quite a cliff-hanger for this week’s upcoming episode.

Log Horizon Episode 8 (17)

I don’t know exactly how dominant the Akihabara rehabilitation will work out but I hope that we get back to adventuring soon because these two episodes are severely lacking in action despite the strategizing. It better be building up to something big (and knowing Shiroe, there’s a big change it will) so let’s keep watching!

… I ship Naotsugu and Marielle (just sayin’)

Log Horizon Episode 7 (26)

Episode 7 Screenshots:

Episode 8 Screenshots:

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