Tokyo Ravens Episode 7 & 8 Review

Tokyo Ravens Episode 7 (1)

Hey guys, we are way behind on Tokyo Ravens reviews this week so today we’re looking at the two latest episodes. The reason I often lag when it comes to these reviews is because of the slow-paced plot development. To be honest, episode 7 has quite a bit filler. The gang’s preparing for magic exams so you really only need snippets of the show and then the last few minutes of the actual exam. Still, I liked seeing two of Divine Generals introduced in these two episodes because they’re the only badasses in the show that can actually fight.

Episode 7 Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Important Plot-Forwarding Points…

– Since Touji is a victim of the Spirit Disaster way back, have a simulated Spirit Disaster for a purification exam might leave him with a handicap… (it definitely comes back to bite everyone in the butt)

– Ootomo-sensei is involved with some shady people in the Magical Investigation Bureau

– A Yakou follower is trying to trigger another Spirit Disaster, as a result, the spirit pulses are causing Touji’s half-ogre condition to be unstable

Is it because the Spirit world is intensely male-dominated? Because everyone that appears so far seems to label the Tsuchimikado family heir as a guy…

We still haven’t figured out who the main antagonists (The Twin Horn Syndicate?) are or what they’re after and it seems like another Spirit Disaster is going to turn into the final conflict but I really thought they were going for something a bit more original and not rehash the back story.

Episode 8 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Tokyo Ravens Episode 8 (1)The entirety of this episode is based on reigning in the chaos that’s exploded over Tokyo. Natsume is taken to the exorcism department to help lure the rampant ogres into the purification zones while Harutora and Tenma go their separate ways to search for Touji who’s run off from the hospital.

I’m seeing a lot of serious character maturity when it comes to Touji and I’m wondering why there isn’t as much of a focus on Harutora because Harutora’s suppose to be our actual main character though it’s been 8 episodes and we still haven’t see him move on from the Baka-Tora phase =____=” I mean, even Kyoko has more depth than him, at least she has purpose, we’re not even sure if Harutora became Natsume’s familiar to protect her, or exact revenge for revenge… or something.

Overall, I think there might be too many characters given back stories to simply label Harutora and Natsume. Though I personally really love Touji, I’m wondering what purpose he’ll play in the final wrap-up of the series. As well, Natsume and Harutora haven’t fought any other battles other than the opening ones. I feel like the plot’s almost lost direction and the only reason this episode still makes it to four stars is because of the moments where Harutora brings Touji back from the depths of his demonic self; really, it’s kind of cliché but it’s what you want/expect between two bros. Scattered plot structuring is always so difficult to encapsulate into a proper review =__\ *inner facepalm*

Episode 7 Screenshots:

Episode 8 Screenshots:

This turned out to be a REALLY long post cause of all the screenshots but there were some pretty epic animated scenes… I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully next week’s episode is packed full of epic-ness. Until then, happy anime-watching!

– Cloudy

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