Kill La Kill Episode 8-9 Rant

Kill La Kill Episode 8 (3)

Episode 8 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kill La Kill Episode 8 (48)This was one of those rare episodes in Kill La Kill where we’re given a calmer transitional episode before the big ones to close off the series. Since Satsuki threw her entire empire into anarchy and everyone’s out to get everyone else in hopes of raising their social status. All the while, Ryuko and Mako are just observing from the sidelines. With a whole week of school off, Ryuko decides to visit the ruins of her home, where she found Senketsu, in order to search for clues of her father’s death. She retells the story of her father’s death to Mako – and why does her father look so old and sketchy =_= *facepalm* Ryuko must take after her mother…

Kill La Kill Episode 8 (34) Kill La Kill Episode 8 (31)

Kill La Kill Episode 8 (2)After episode 9, you get the sense of why there was a whole chunk of episode 8 devoted to showing off the power of Gamagoori’s Goku suit. Since the Scourge Regalia has two transformations and harnesses its opponent’s attacks in order to power up the second transformation, all this is easily omitted from Ryuko and Gamagoori’s actual battle to make way for more exciting action twists instead of initial introductory combat. Speaking of the Final King of the Hill Battle Showdown… seems like none of the Elite 4 have submitted to the attempts of lower ranked students and each are about to get their turn at fighting a Kamui suit. Props to the writers for scheduling one battle with the Elite 4 for each of the remaining episodes, leaving one last episode for Ryuko’s final showdown with Satsuki.

Episode 9 Rating: 5/5 curiously out of this world excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent


Kill La Kill Episode 9 (18)

Kill La Kill Episode 9 (26)So since Ryuko already knows that Gamagoori’s uniform absorbs power from external attacks in order to prompt his second transformation, Ryuko decides not to attack him at first. However, this doesn’t turn out as well Gamagoori’s outfit  can abuse itself into transformation. Gamagoori’s fetish for rules and discipline gives me the creeps… And speaking of character traits, Gamagoori’s back story of his first encounter with Satsuki is also revealed which is pretty cool on its own. We’ve already seen 2 out of the 4 Elite’s stories revealed. I’m so curious to see Jakuzure’s story with Satsuki. Were the BFF’s before Satsuki decided to conquer Honnouji Academy? Cause in previous episodes its been hinted that she’s been with Satsuki the longest and understands her way of thinking the most.

Kill La Kill Episode 9 (15)It’s nice to see Senketsu do something instead of the usual Sen-i-Soshitsu finishing move. I guess Senketsu’s got a few secrets up his sleeve and might I add that SENKETSU SENJIN IS SO BADASS. The Kamui is a weapon anyway so it follows that it should have an element of offense in terms of actual blades. TOTALLY LOVED THE COMBAT CHOREOGRAPHY when Ryuko goes into Senjin mode, it really became a dance.

Despite the Elite 4 being on the evil side, I admire Gamagoori for his loyalty to Satsuki, willing to commit suicide for failing his Empress. Luckily, Satsuki stops him right on time. Ryuko-1, Elite Four-0

Kill La Kill Episode 9 (55)

Kill La Kill Episode 9 (9)We know that Ryuko will win every battle because at the end of the day the Kamui is more powerful and versatile than anything that could be put into a regular Goku suit. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming battles and more of the crazy awesome soundtrack music. Everyone’s going crazy for the “Don’t lose your way” song played in the background of Ryuko’s epic battle finishes and it’ll be a few more weeks before it’s released on Christmas Day!

So I hope you guys liked this rant and I can’t wait for the end of Kill La Kill. What’s the big secret regarding Ryuko’s father’s death? It better be a good one. And will Satsuki really be toppled from her throne? Stay tuned!

Episode 8 Screenshots:

Kill La Kill Episode 9 (4)

Episode 9 Screenshots:

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