Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 Summary, Review and Rant

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (55)

WOW! And I mean WOW for one really emotionally and plot-packed episode. So many developments, so many loose ends, some tied up ends and a lot of knots in the story. I’m really trying to piece together everything that’s happened because they tell the back story and the present story in snapshots of time skips. So much is explained and yet so much is left for future final episodes to reconcile!!

I’m going to try to put this in short summaries that plot what’s happened throughout this episode. I hope this helps you guys put things in perspective and relate what happened in this episode, to past events.

Rating: 5/5 curiously excited Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (69)


Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 tells us a lot of things and I have to say that I feel like the writers or producers could have edited the sequences and snippets in a less confusing order for the viewer or reviewer who’s trying to piece together all the scattered pieces of the puzzle thus far. However, the use of seasons and character design change of outfits helped to distinguish one time sequence from another so props to them for using COLOURS to keep us on top of the plot.

It starts out with Akihito waking from his bed, finding Mirai from his bedside… but this entire interlude turns into a dream as a result of a trace of Mirai’s blood being left inside Akihito when she stabbed him. It’s all a dream. I know. Bear with me. I’ll get there. And keep in mind that it’s summer in the dream.

It’s winter in another time skip flashback where Mirai is returning to the Literary Club room where she seems to be speaking to a lifeless version of Akihito. Even as they’re walking together in the snow, Akihito doesn’t seem to be conscious, he’s more akin to a walking zombie… What’s going on in the snow world?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (37)When the day ends in the summer dream world, Mirai ends up explaining the details of “The Calm” to Akihito and also, to us. Having revealed that the Kyoukai no Kanata youmu was the youmu within Akihito’s body, Mirai reveals that she initially moved to the town in order to slay the youmu that is Kyoukai no Kanata. Because she couldn’t bring herself to actually kill Akihito, she forced the youmu to leave his body with the power of her blood, Kyoukai no Kanata devoured Mirai’s blood and body. As a result… Mirai vanished.

SADDEST MOMENT EVER Moment-> When Mirai and Akihito are standing in the fields within the dream and she almost kisses him… Akihito attempts to embrace MIrai, she disappears and he wakes up.

Flash back to 6 months earlier when Mirai first moves to the town and meets Izumi who introduces her to the elder of the Nase family. Flash forward to the first time Mirai and Akihito meets. AND WE FIND OUT WHY SHE STABBED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE…. AND THE MANY TIMES AFTER THAT LOL (He doesn’t die easily)

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (9)The flash back continues to five months earlier where a month has passed since Mirai moved to town. Izumi informs Mirai of the oncoming “Calm” and advises Mirai to distance herself from Akihito – hence her aversion to joining the Literary Club. Later when Mirai confesses to Izumi (after the festival of lights) that she doesn’t want to kill Akihito despite slaying the Kyoukai no Kanata.

Flash back closer to real time, three months from the present time when “The Calm” is spreading into the town. Mirai meets with Izumi again in which Izumi offers a counter-option -> which brings us full circle back to the conclusion of Akihito’s dream and his end of the story when he awakens.

Most confusing moment(right before the end of the episode to keep us hanging) -> Mirai in the winter time sequence is running towards the Kyoukai no Kanata (but that doesn’t exactly connect with the rain scene from last episode)

Akihito’s only left with Mirai’s glasses since she’s “vanished” after taking the Kyoukai no Kanata youmu into her body.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (36)

Review and Rant:

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (10)Although I have to say that the “girl falling in love for the demon boy she’s suppose to kill” plot device is intensely overused especially in shojo fantasy romance, it’s the execution of it in this storyline that gives it a somewhat refreshing spin to it. We’re given absolutely no hints to the fact that Mirai was tasked with slaying Akihito in this first place and I really think that this is where the show redeems itself as more than just a megane moe slice of life series. There’s a lot of heart in it because the story is narrated to us from Mirai’s point of view, in her budding friendship and feelings for Akihito up to her resolve to kill the Kyoukai no Kanata within him and after being immersed in the cute friendship (maybe more) relationship for so many episodes, we can’t help but feel the feels when it’s revealed to us that Mirai planned to kill Akihito in the first place (and I guess that’s what Hiromi found out snooping around the Nase archives as well)

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (21)Also, when Mirai is introduced to us in the flashbacks before she meets Akihito, there’s a stark difference in her personality and the way she holds herself in front of others. She almost seems lifeless and aimless. But when she starts building friendships with Akihito, Mitsuki, Hiromi, Ai and the others, her character becomes more animated, colourful and even flamboyant at times. It’s this contrast of Mirai before and after that moves viewers to admire Mirai because her relationship (regardless of it platonic or romantic) with Akihito has shown her what sacrifice and selflessness is, what it means to care for someone you love. This of course is a drastic realization for Mirai because she’s always thought she was the one suffering the most, having been isolated from the Spirit World Warriors due to her cursed blood and alienated from her foster family because she murdered Yui. But seeing Akihito bear a burden similar to that of hers and still be able to goof around, live life easily and obsess with megane in his free time, this opens up a side of her that she never thought existed.

In the category of notable KyotoAni characters that extend beyond moe blob-ness, the characters of Kyoukai no Kanata score quite high. As fun as moe is and as entertaining it can be, I think we all still prefer three-dimensional characters to the ones that keep tripping over buckets… sometimes more than once in an episode=_\

Thoughts on the Preview…

Akihito does meet Mirai again in the winter world… somehow, wherever or whenever that is. I’m sure this episode and the next one come as a pair in terms of plot forwarding since Episode 10 is entitled The White World while Episode 11 is The Black World. Our two main characters do reunite… how so? Don’t know. I hope the other characters don’t get sidelined and pushed into the back seat just because of everything developing between Akihito and Mirai.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 (3)

Now having watched Kyoukai no Kanata’s episode 10, in retrospect I’m high-fiving my past Otaku self through the time space continuum for her persistence with the show past the initial light hearted introductory events. The show seems to be plunging deeper and deeper since “The Calm” which I would argue is the inciting incident of the show when things really kick it up a notch. Of course you could say that the plot really started up after the incident with the Hollow Shadow because that’s when Mirai’s feelings for Akihito become deeper after that. Nonetheless, it seems like all the underlying plot shady dealings are being brought to the forefront of the series and finally made known to the viewers while the high school comedy slice of life takes a break for the real action.

I really hope this recap helped and I hope you’re as excited about the last few episode of Kyoukai no Kanata as I am. The name of the show really carries intense meaning now, doesn’t it? Let me know what you think of what’s happened, what you think might happen and I can’t wait to talk to you guys again in the next episode.

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– Cloudy

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5 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10 Summary, Review and Rant

  1. I wasn’t ready for the feels that came with tying up the series’ “loose ends”. There’s a lot we can say about how Mirai and Akihito developed from the first few episodes in just a short amound of time (6 months) from complete strangers to friends who will sacrifice their lives for the other. But in the end, one is gone, the other is desperate. I saw Akihito’s face when he woke up, only to find the only thing that Mirai left behind 😦 Complete desperation; If you look at his expression again, it is a pained kind of face, yet it asks “what am I doing here, alive, when she’s not even around?”

    Kyoani made me hurt so bad.

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