Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea Part Volume 1 Review

M2Hey hey otome and Quinrose fans! Today we’re reviewing the latest official release of Alice in the Country of Hearts… the official title’s a real mouthful isn’t it? In this series, the art is provided by Riko Sakura and I really think that Sakura-san’s art style hits closest to the mini animated movie for the original Alice in the Country of Hearts. The cover is gorgeous, it features Blood, Alice and Elliot… and if you actually scrutinize the details of the art, you’ll see that Alice is really straddling Blood >///< I’m a big Blood X Alice fan so I had really high expectations for this volume.

The first two pages are in full colour and brushed up in a highly saturated palette which is a contrast from the softer colour shading used by other artists like Mamenosuke Fujimaru who does Circus and Liar’s Game as well as The Clockmaker’s Story.

AI love the detail in the character designs portrayed with Sakura-san’s art style, however I felt that some dramatic scenes could have used better angles in the layout (like the one where Blood demands to have Alice back *see right*) The panels in general are all very character oriented and there isn’t as much detail in the background scenes or the setting in general.

The translator – Angela Liu, is really great. She continues to cleverly rhyme all of Peter’s dialogue despite the Japanese to English translation difficulties so major props to her. The publishing format of the book is the larger trade paperback style which goes along with the Country of Clover books and the Clockmaker stand alone Story so it won’t seem out of place with your collection.

In this reset tale of Alice and Blood, most of the introductory stuff I briefly summed up before we fast forward to the developments of the relationship. In an attempt to get away from Peter, Alice accidentally blurts out that she’d rather live with the mobsters than with the psychopathic rabbit at the castle (LOL) so she ends up moving to the Hatter Mansion which is where our main story begins.


The initial interactions between Alice and Blood are really similar to the original series where they don’t really get along (mostly due to Blood’s sexual innuendos and advances) but then by the midpoint of the story they hook up and then right after they throw in the scene where Alice stumbles upon Blood and Vivaldi together in the Rose Garden, which leads the story into that awkward, “Oh, he already has another woman and I’m nothing to him” misunderstanding because Vivaldi’s actually Blood’s sister which we learn of in the original story.




We get to see all our favourite characters yet except the group from the Amusement Park because I guess Alice hasn’t explored that part of the country yet. Nightmare has a more reduced role though in this installment, he only appears once to converse with Peter for a bit and if you’re familiar with the general framework of the series you’ll know that Peter was one who initially brought her to the Country of Hearts and forced her to drink the liquid in the vial. As well, he’s suppose to be Alice’s “most beloved” “Sunday Afternoon” which is hinted at from previous volumes but we’re never given the answer to why or how Alice is in the world for so long but it’s not really essential to the main point of the story which is the romance.

All in all, it was a nice introduction to the upcoming plot details of this Blood X Alice route in the manga series. I just hope that the story spices up into something unique and interesting so it’s not a rehash of interactions of the original story. Took me a while to get this review out because I kept rereading to figure out how to properly articulate my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think of Tea Party and who you ship 😉

Also, if you play the games you’ll know that they’re remaking the game again =O

Thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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