Cloudy Quickly Says…

Hihi, how are you all?

I know I haven’t really reviewed anything in the last two days and that’s because I have an exam tomorrow and one more to go before my Christmas holidays begin on the 16th. Till then, posting will be quite sporadic depending on how stressed or how mellow I feel in these next few days. As always, I like keeping you guys in the loop of my life (even though I know you have so many more important things going on in your lives).

I was actually pretty stressed earlier which is why I decided to write to you guys cause you know how much blogging relaxes me ❤

BIG NEWS FOR THIS WEEK -> After my next exam, tomorrow night I will be checking out Madoka Magica the Movie Part III so there will definitely be posting about that. I am so excited to see how the story will unfold and I can’t wait to review it. If you guys have been with me when I first started littlecloudcuriosity, you might know that my first review was on the first two parts of the movie series Part 1: Beginnings and Part 2: The Eternal Story.

Also, it’s almost Christmas… and that means many sales… and that means many bookstore giftcards from friends and family who have no idea what to get me which means new manga 😉 I know I always say there are more manga posts coming soon and I’m not just saying it! It’s actually true because I am such a huge manga collecting crazy fangirl and I am always looking for new stuff to read. As well, I recently put in two orders from which is one of my favourite sites for otaku merch.

I have a feeling I’ll fall behind on some weekly anime reviews but I’ll try my best to keep those going while I drown in Russian history next week for my last exam OTL but totally tweet me if anything earth-shattering in the anime world happens. I am also trying to figure out what anime to watch during the holidays so comment below on what you think I should review during Christmas  and I’ll look into it =)

If you have exams, good luck to you too! がんばろう-Ganbarou!!

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you guys soon~

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– Cloudy

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