Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 Review


Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (4)

SIGH. Okay guys so today we’re looking at Kyoukai no Kanata’s latest episode this week which answers all of our remaining mysteries and questions that came up in episode 10. If you haven’t checked out my summary and review of last week’s episode, click here. Now for this week’s episode… remember the winter world that we saw Mirai apart of? Remember how Akihito woke up? Remember how that Miroku dude is a totally crazy ass Spirit Warrior who’s bent on resurrecting the Kyoukai no Kanata youmu just to see it destroy the world?

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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (68)

I really didn’t think Kyoukai no Kanata was going to plot twist this intensely at the end. I mean, there were a handful of classic KyotoAni elements at the start of the series, then some dark fantasy according to the rules of the world… and then everything just takes a turn down the “really good anime plot twist” road. For classic KyotoAni fans who were expecting a heavier focus on slice of life and moe fun, I had quite a few friends who didn’t like how emotionally dark the story was getting.

New Reveals…

– Three months have passed since Kyoukai no Kanata has been pulled out of Akihito and he’s been in a coma. Mirai’s also disappeared for three months

– Akihito’s immortality originated from the Kyoukai no Kanata youmu residing inside his body, not his state of half-youmu

– Mirai’s currently fighting the Kyoukai no Kanata in an isolated world that that youmu has created for itself. Kyoukai no Kanata is absorbing the powers of youmu and Spirit Warriors in order to overpower her.

– Mirai’s emotions have created a fake Akihito to be with her (i.e. the zombie Akihito we saw in the Winter World from episode 10)

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (40)

I love seeing Mirai’s character reconciled in the way that her perspective on her cursed powers have completely changed. Tasked with killing Kyoukai no Kanata and knowing that she was the only one able to do it, she’s finally grateful for her powers. Izumi puts it best when she says, “She wanted to protect him, even at the cost of her own life. She protected that person of her own freewill. I am grateful to Mirai Kuriyama. If she had not made this decision, we would not be standing here right now.” However, Akihito is just so lost now that Mirai is gone, knowing that she gave her life to save him and knowing that he wouldn’t have allowed her and hating himself for being powerless to stop her. Having Mirai’s last words to Akihito be sent by text was a nice touch instead of a letter – I mean, who really sends letters anymore this day and age?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (49)

“People say my powers are cursed. People say they detest my powers. But I’ve come to realize that my powers aren’t meant to hurt others. They’re meant to save people! I’m glad I’ve lived this long. I’m so happy I’m not dead. I’m truly glad that I came to this town and met you, Senpai…” – Mirai

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (52)Of everyone, perhaps Sakura is probably experiencing the most grief next to Akihito. Mirai told her nothing after she disappeared and only heard of the news from Akihito three months later, which just absolutely shocks her. Even in her heavy grief, she can’t bring herself to beat up Akihito after one kick because he would very well let Sakura kill him knowing that Mirai is going.

The moments of grief and frustration that are interjected with narratives or quick scenes of memories with Mirai or her present predicament in battle tugs the heartstrings even more. We all thought that the hardest part for Mirai was stabbing Akihito and sacrificing herself, but her battle just begins after she expels Kyoukai no Kanata from Akihito. She’ll stop at nothing to slay the Kyoukai no Kanata because she has nothing left to lose and she’s prepared to take it down.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (55)


Someone sends everyone a strange note assembling all our characters at the Literary Club with a postscript telling them that Mirai’s still alive. At the same time, that bozo from the Spirit Warrior Association is amplifying the Kyoukai no Kanata’s powers. Seriously, is there no one else part of this association? We’ve really only seen ONE person from the association.

When the gang arrives at the school… they’re greeted by a rather interesting character in cosplay. AKIHITO’S MOTHER – YAYOI KANBARA!

She explains the whole situation to us and provides Akihito with a small youmu stone that was originally part of him and the Kyoukai no Kanata. He uses this in order to join selves with the zombie Akihito in the winter world. I AM SUPER CURIOUS about Yayoi’s past and how she knows Izumi (who jumps through a window to crash the Literary Club room). BADASS POINTS to Mitsuki and Hiromi for stepping up to their older sister.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 (2)The amazing opening was replayed as Akihito charges down the streets and leaps up into the Kyoukai no Kanata in order to find Mirai just as MIrai stabs herself to release an immense portion of her blood to attack the Kyoukai no Kanata. He catches her just as she falls and she opens her eyes in his arms. KYAAAAAA OHMIGOSH I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE SO BADLY!!!!! This episode’s called Black World, a contrast to episode 10’s White World and the final episode is called Grey World and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW IT ALL GOES DOWN!

Since university exams and fall season finale episodes take place around the same time, I’m juggling studying with blogging, things are slowing down. Have no fear. By this time next week, I should be all caught up… I think.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed episode 11 as much as I did. There are only 12 episodes so everything will be concluded next week so stay tuned!

– Cloudy

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