Diabolik Lovers Episode 11-12 Review

Episode 11 Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

What? No- Stop- Yui! No- What?

Diabolik Lovers Episode 11 (6)

I have to many issues with what just happened.

HOW AWKWARD WAS THE TIMING OF THE UNRAVELING OF THE STORY – Why so rushed? Why not one more extra episode so that things panned out better?!?!

This episode… Clunky. Random. Unexpected. And they really just threw in a handful of random cards into a delicately crafted game of poker. Then everyone in the game just kinda lost. *flips table*

Since Cordelia has fully taken over Yui’s body, she’s going to take revenge on Karl (her husband) and so one by one, each of the Sakamaki brothers show up and Cordelia kinda bitch rants until she tells Richter to kill her sons. It’s then and there that Richter turns on her because she’s in her “less than pristine” form and his real goal was to utilize Cordelia’s heart in order to take over the family as the head even though Shu points out that Richter doesn’t hold up to Karl at all. As a result, Karl takes Cordelia/Yui as hostage. Ten points for Ayato for arriving to save Yui… BUT LIKE THERE’S JUST A RANDOM SWORD COLLECTION AROUND THE HOUSE (cause we’re vampire and swords are gothic and cool and stuff =.=) Ayato and Karl have a sword fight and Ayato gets stabbed in the shoulder. Then the shock of Ayato being stabbed brings Yui back to the surface of her consciousness (Yay Ayato X Yui)

Diabolik Lovers Episode 11 (26)REJECTED BY YOUR STEP-SON CORDELIA — WHAT!!

REALLY THIS NEXT MOMENT IS SO MELODRAMATIC -> in a scene with absolutely no background music, and just random gasping by the other vampires, Yui decides to stab herself… but seriously, I did it happen in slow motion or did it happen super quickly because I felt like it was overly dramatized. There wasn’t even blood when Yui stabbed herself. And when Richter tries to kill Yui once and for all, Ayato gives Richter a fatal stab of a sword…

Diabolik Lovers Episode 11 (3)I really felt like there was WAYYYY too much packed into this episode. They could have slowed down the events or slowed down the dialogue. Everything just came at once. Cordelia talks. Then Reiji. Then Subaru. Then Richter. Then Cordelia. Then Richter. Then Ayato. Let’s just let everyone finish talking and then we’ll get to the dramatic stabbing scene so we can get all the action done before the fifteen minute mark! I mean, this climax was not at all climactic.

Okay somehow, stabbing herself has earned some respect or at least sympathy from the other brothers around her. Maybe it’s because this is the first act of selflessness that they’ve all ever experienced or witnessed in their lives… Rie Suegara (Yui’s voice actress) should get an award for her fantastic impression of Cordelia. Initially I thought they subbed Akane Tomonaga into Yui’s character, but it’s just absolutely fantastic to see Suegara’s talents flourish.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 11 (2)


Episode 12 Rating: 4/5 satisfied happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent


Diabolik Lovers Episode 12 (1)So after all that plot action, Yui’s undergoing a transformation from human to vampire; problem is, no human has ever survived the transformation. However, this time, it’s different because Yui has Cordelia’s heart already. While Subaru, Ayato and Shu are hashing out Yui’s condition for us, Reiji is trying to figure out a way to save her and Raito’s tailed Richter down to the basement to where Cordelia’s dress was hidden.

Apparently the power of a sacrificial bride is really something, it’ll give you enough power to become head of a vampire family… and Richter stays all mysterious so we don’t actually find out the point of his plans. As Raito burns Cordelia’s dress and Richter with it, we actually see the Sakamaki brothers working together for once and for those of you who haven’t played the games, you probably have no idea what Kanato pulled out of his precious Teddy – it was the ashes of Cordelia’s original body. Ew. The ashes, a part of Cordelia, complete the potion that Reiji has created to kill (or trap) Cordelia so that Yui can stay in control. And back to Raito – what is that green fire and why does it have the ability to kill vampires? I have so many vampire questions… Raito gets pretty fricking awesome at the end.

Diabolik Lovers Episode 12 (19)

SWEETEST MOMENT EVER – after Ayato administers the potion to Yui via mouth to mouth, he awakens her by calling her name. HER ACTUAL NAME. Ayato’s voice actor, Hikaru Midorikawa’s voice is just SO PERFECT for this moment. The tone and the emotion, it’s just absolutely perfect.

I guess all the brothers are pretty happy that she’s alive and I guess they’ve gotten use to her presence around the house so she’s achieved a status of “liked” or at least “tolerated” – but maybe more since she claims to be thirsty upon awakening. So the conclusion hints to us that Yui’s made a thorough transition to a vampire. I really wonder if Yui and Ayato get together in the end after the end. IN the epilogue after all the credits and character snapshots, Ayato hands Yui her cross and the series finishes with the door (that had its locks broken in episode 1) being chained tight once more.

Final Thoughts

Diabolik Lovers Episode 12 (6)

I’m pretty glad that they reworked the plot in the story to accommodate the short number of episodes in a season. However, maybe if they paced things quicker at the beginning of the series, they wouldn’t have had to cram the monologue, villain reveal, climactic fight and stab all in the penultimate episode. Overall I think if you’re a fan of the episode, you’ll likely enjoy this anime. It lightly scrapes the top of the bulk of the visual novel storylines and it gives you some very nice angles of your favourite vampires and favourite couples. But if you didn’t play the games or you have no prior knowledge of the individual otome game routes, you might find yourself a little lost with a hell of a lot of questions. For regular anime watchers, you probably didn’t see much plot proper plot or character development in the individual Sakamaki brothers or even in Yui. I really think that when producers make otome games into anime, they know that a large chunk of the viewership will probably be diehard fangirls that will love the series no matter what you do with it mainly for the reason of seeing more of their favourite characters interact with each other. So all you guys who are slamming on your friends who are girls or girlfriends for fangirling over Diabolik Lovers, just chillax. This fan phase will pass soon when new otome games come out and all your female otome loving friends will move onto hotter new bishounen show up.

So what did you guys think of Diabolik Lovers in general? Did you guys like how Yui turned out in the end? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! And can I just point out one thing? – YUI FINALLY SMILED AT THE VERY END. WHOO. No more tragic and sad heroine human snack girl. I would really like to see how she interacts with the guys after now that she’s also a vampire ufufufu. Hope you guys enjoyed reviewing Diabolik Lovers with me.

– Cloudy

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4 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers Episode 11-12 Review

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  2. Thank you for opining on this series (and, condensing it it seems) that other people are less keen to look at as Kyou Kara Maoh with redemption deferred to ep.12. Even so, perhaps some things do rate 5 excited clouds and the denouement (We are killin’ off characters! The corpse remains nearly unsoiled…can good things be far behind?) still ranked 2; the production values make up 2/5 to 1/2 the scale!? Zetsubo desu!

    • Sorry my first reply was totally for the wrong comment.

      I think when viewing an ending like Diabolik Lovers, you can’t compare it to something like Kyou Kara Maoh in completely different genres and for completely different audiences. Diabolik Lovers’ main premise was the Awakening of Yui and Cordelia but the real drive that fuels the production for the anime was the aspects of romance found in the original games and the bishounen characters themselves. I personally love seeing the different vampires interact with Yui in an anime versus a game. Whereas visual novel decisions sooner or later urge you down a more specific route focused on only one character, the anime gives the heroine more freedom to get to know all the characters simultaneously in one specific time frame.

      Diabolik Lovers is really a niche anime. It’s targeted mainly at the fangirls and with this kind of viewership, no matter how the anime unfolds or ends, there will still be substantial support and love for the story because of the fanbase behind the characters. If you’re into shonen or intense vampire stories, I suggest watching Vampire Hunter D or perhaps Trinity Blood =)

      Thanks for commenting!

      • I can be pretty wrong about this, but it’s pretty important for a male harem show like Kyou Kara Maoh! or this one to have a female lead, but it was a big long bishi running joke (and there I would contemplate comparing back to Ranma 1/2) rather than Yui (and you’re not kidding about a Buffy trope, Cordelia’s a real character here…wasn’t sure) in Maoh! You’re right about the Hunter D stuff having action, but Coppelion 8 had those throwaway bad coppelion girls wotserailgun and yanquiverine (does the plot need renewing?) this season. The despair for me was pondering whether the taint of despair really washes out (tell me that isn’t one of the characters’ titles, please) as ep. 12 comes in on little darkling feet.

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