Tokyo Ravens Episode 9 & 10 Revew

Episode 9 Rating: 5/5 happy clouds Crop_5 Clouds Transparent

THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME because it showcased the talents of all our favourite characters and I think Touji was the MVP here. Either Touji or Natsume…

Tokyo Ravens Ep 9 (42)As the episode opens, Natsume and Harutora are both chasing after the Nue. Touji wakes up in the school infirmary and the Headmistrses tells him that she was the one who loosened the seal on the ogre in hopes that she would make use of the ogre, control him, instead of simply restraining it. Similar to the Omnyo Exorcist Kagami who eats ogres instead of being eaten. The treatment for Touji’s ogre bind removals was also developed by Harutora’s father with the condition that Harutora be the one to operate it.

DAMN. WE GET A LOT OF ACTION IN THIS EPISODE. A  hell of a lot of explosions and lot of high level omnyo exorcists fighting high level monsters. The mysterious man who caused the spirit disaster, Mutobe, also made his appearance. He fights one of the Divine Generals and later COMMITS SUICIDE so we don’t ACTUALLY KNOW what his intentions were… even though this is episode 9…

Tokyo Ravens Ep 9 (35)Divine Generals make the worst babysitters… putting two seventeen year olds on a motorcycle… not your best choice of the day bro. And how does Harutora NOT KNOW that he’s grabbing Natsume’s chest when they’re on a motorcycle. When Hokuto falls down, Harutora climbs atop the dragon and flies up to fight the ogre. On Touji’s end, the Tsuchimikado family sends their white horse familiar, Yukikaze, to help Touji get to Natsume and Harutora. I AM SERIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH HOW AWESOME TOUJI IS.

LOL at Kon’s  hilarious distractions, while Harutora tries to attack the ogre.

Tokyo Ravens Ep 9 (15)When Touji arrives at the battle scene, he also brings Harutora’s staff and as he revs up for the fight, he remembers a moment with Harutora, his closest friend. Touji hurls the staff at Harutora and my favourite part of this episode seriously has to be the teamwork I see between these three. When Harutora sends the demon down to the ground, Natsume’s already ready to purify it and no wonder she doesn’t have to take the purification exam, she’s already such a pro.

I really loved this episode, we got character development, action, plot advancement, lots of great action hero score music displayed in the background and we even learned some things about Kagami, the ogre eater and Ohtomo-sensei… and just how badass he really is. Never underestimate your teachers! We even get some freeze frames time-tricky moments of the evil mastermind behind the ordeal…  Ashiya Doman.

FYI – the new Omnyo agent assigned to protect Kyoko and Natsume during the spirit accident is actually ANOTHER evil lackey. I swear, the Omnyo Agency needs to get a better screening team during their interview processes.

Episode 10 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Tokyo Ravens Episode 10 (42)The entire ordeal was thus named “The Second Purification of the Dolls’ Festival” and it really blew up in the news. We fast forward a month after to welcome new students, and the only new student of the school is… SUZUKA DAIRENJI?!??!?!? THE CRAZY DIVINE GENERAL CRAZY GIRL FROM THE FIRST ARC?

Oh look, she went from being crazy brother-con bitch to bright and perky loli. (What?) SHE EVEN CLAIMS TO KNOW HARUTORA, THAT HE WAS HER FIRST KISS – AND SHE DOES THIS ALL DURING THE OPENING CEREMONY. Oh god, I’m so sorry Harutora, you’ve just been caught in the biggest scandal of Omnyo Prep.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 10 (37)Well it actually turns out that Suzuka’s been sent to the school as a discipline and punishment thing by the Omnyo Agency for her little disturbance with the resurrection…

SIGH. After all the action of the last three episodes, we’re back to regular slice of life high school life.

But maybe not so regular, since Harutora and Kon end up meeting a weird little girl with demon horns (or something) that happens to be very infatuated with Kon, “a cute little girl fox,” I wonder if maybe she’s the embodiment of Suzuka’s brother’s sentiments when the resurrection took place, because later it shows the little girl reflecting on the moments she hurt Suzuka during the resurrection.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 10 (27)

Suzuka’s personal score background music amuses me so much. The whistling is catching on.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 10 (16)Natsume panics mostly throughout this episode about how she’s afraid that Suzuka will recognize her as the girl from the resurrection ordeal and blow her cover. And all the while, Touji just watches with an exasperated expression from the side (so cute).

Harutora DOES finally confront Suzuka about her fake behaviour and helps her with a bit of the issues she’s dealing with. He actually takes her to a burger place (she’s never been before) and after a long and heartfelt talk… Suzuka totally catches Natsume hiding and eavesdropping, in which case, both Natsume and Harutora are under her control – and I say control in the most amusing and comedic way possible. Geez. Where the hell is this going?

Tokyo Ravens Episode 10 (4)I mean, I had FUN watching this episode, but I have NO IDEA where all this is going.

Oh btw, we finally find out that Harutora entered the supernatural world to meet whoever was controlling Hokuto… Baka-Tora =.=

– Cloudy

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