Kill La Kill Episode 10 & 11 Rant

Episode 10 Rating: 4/5 SUPER EXCITED CLOUDS Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nice to see all the back stories for the Elite 4 unfolding – looks like Satsuki didn’t just recruit a bunch of random lackeys by force, there’s definitely heart behind some of the stories, some more than other. In Houka Inumuta’s case, he was caught by Satsuki while he hacked into the Kiryuuin Family database to drop their stocks. She invites him to work for her at Honnouji Academy and he accepts.

Kill La Kill Ep 10 (46)Interesting that Gamagoori has been demoted to No-Star status and now keeps Mako company in the audience. Mako’s such a charming character and her loyalty to Ryuko rivals that of Gamagoori to Satsuki.

Fast forward to the battle, seems like Inumuta is more excited in collecting data than actually fighting Ryuko and Senektsu. He’s a little creepy with his analyses – I would be surprised if he knew Ryuko’s bust size and physical measurements (Awks)… The tap-tap-tapping he does on the multiple keyboards on his Goku  suit looks a little strange – Probe Regalia. And does he not remind you of a power ranger? LOL

The fight doesn’t last long, though Probe Regalia can easily camouflage into the surrounding environment (for surveillance of data collection I think) – His real goal in fighting Ryuko is for data analyses. Ryuko’s plan to beat Inumuta is to “GET REALLY RECKLESS” – IUNNO ABOUT THIS TRANSFORMATION – seems like JUST CAUSE IT’S A KAMUI, IT CAN DO ANYTHING. AMIRIGHT?

Kill La Kill Ep 10 (35)

SO HE FORFEITS – LOL… Well, better than having his databases screw up and losing all his data, APPARENTLY. I guess it was a personal victory. That second battle finishes pretty quickly and Inumuta joins Gamagoori and Mako in the audience. Inumuta’s chained into a track suit LOL demoted men wear track suits apparently. It’s hilarious that as oblivious as Mako is, she can sense the tension between Inumuta and Gamagoori. And it’s adorable how Mako can instantly relax Ryuko between battles.


Kill La Kill Ep 10 (28)Never underestimate arts girls, my friends.


I guess when you’re Satsuki’s childhood best friend, you get a big bonus with your uniform – GIANT FLYING MUSIC SHIP. AHAHAHAHAHAH I have to say that I really like Jakuzure as a character. She’s cute and badass and directs one hell of a symphony.

I find Jakuzure and Satsuki’s back story really adorable. They go all the way back to kindergarten and even then, Jakuzure claims that she’s known Satsuki since FOREVER. ANDDDDD Even six year old Jakuzure was HELLA PHILOSOPHICAL YO. When Satsukis announces her aspirations to stand above in the world, she promises to be by Satsuki’s side forever.

Kill La Kill Ep 10 (12)You know, there’s something about ORCHESTRAL SYMPHONY MUSIC behind CRAZY ACTION FIGHTING that I TOTALLY LOVE. WHOOOOOOOO – So if Jakuzure can’t cut the Kamui threads, she’ll just UPLIFT THE FU**ING BATTLEFIELD. BEST EXPLOSION EVER HOLY CRAP!!! – and everyone in the audience blows up except Inumuta, Gamagoori and Mako (I’m kinda glad Mako is sitting between those two, or maybe she’d get blown away as well)

In order to level the battle grounds, Senektsu transforms into a flying form called SENEKTSU SHIPPU – AND  EVERYTHING KICKS UP TO ONE HUNDRED LEVELS OF AWESOME

Kill La Kill Ep 10 (5)


Episode 11 Rating: 5/5 HELLA EXCITED CLOUDS Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Ryuko and Jakuzure ARE STILL FIGHTING – and cute the CanCan Music. Ryuko actually hitches a ride on Jakuzure’s uniform and they hash it out there.

LOVE Mako, Gamagoori and Inumuta’s interactionsi n the stands. GANBATTE MAKO!!! AND STAY AWAY FROM THAT LAPTOP… AND THE ANGRY GAMAGOORI. GANBATTE!!

When Ryuko attempts to attack Satsuki, Jakuzure smashes her down with the ship. Yeah guys, be afraid of cute girls when they get angry. Seriously, Jakuzure’s uniform has quite a few interesting developments. Even after her goku uniform flying airship explodes from a missile there’s a SECOND TRANSFORMATION

“Jakuzure never knows when to end a performance. They drag out after the encore.” – Inumuta


Kill La Kill Ep 11 (52)


Kill La Kill Ep 11 (46)They rhythm from Jakuzure’s uniform can actually interfere with the waves of other life fibers in any uniforms and even manipulate them. And even thought I have no idea HOW Ryuko learned to use the force to harmonize Jakuzure’s music into her own rhythm to create a pure tone. DON’T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED but she sends Jakuzure’s attack packing back to her. I guess Ryuko’s learning a lot from in battle experience and she becomes quite a versatile fighter. I really liked how the music in the background turned into a battle of melodies between Ryuko and Jakuzure – between Beethovan and Kill La Kill Score. MOST EPIC BATTLE EVER!!!!!

I’m absolutely impressed by Satsuki’s endeavours to analyze the flaws of the goku uniforms from the outcomes of the battles to improve the three star outfits though… Also at this point, another familiar gun wielding member of Nudist Beach arrives to join Aikurou. Seems like their organization is planning something to put down Ryuko in case she gets too powerful and loses control. All the while, Jakuzure joins Mako and her companions in the stands.

LET ROUND 4 BEGIN WITH SANAGEYAMA – BUT IT DOESN’T LAST LONG… Cue the cute parasol holding girl.

Kill La Kill Ep 11 (22)

Now you should know after ten episodes of Kill La Kill that you should be AFRAID OF ANY AND ALL THE GIRLS THAT APPEAR – ESPECIALLY THE CUTE ONES!

Kill La Kill Ep 11 (16)So what’s The Grand Courturier, Nui Harime doing at Honnouji Academy? She’s cute though eh? Harime even stirs up Satsuki. NO DATA ON THE NEWCOMER? WHAT IS THIS INUMUTA? INADEQUACY!

Back at the Kiryuuin Manor Baths… Satsuki’s mother, Ragyo Kiryuuin is preparing for a world meeting. LOVE THE VILLAINOUS BACKGROUND MUSIC. She’s also aware that Harime has crashed the Honnnouji battle party.

SHE BLOCKKED A THREE STAR WEAPON WITH A PARASOL. And she unravelled the main life fibre, the Banshi, with one fingernail. Bye bye Sanageyama. Even Iori, the head of the life fiber goku uniform department is absolutely shocked at what has just taken place. How interesting… as Satsuki steps back to allow Harime fight Ryuko. Not only is Harime a big shot, pay attention to her voice actress as well 😉 Satsuki’s even subtly rooting for Ryuko this time. I guess Harime annoys the hell out of her.

Ryuko almost underestimates Harime, but when Harime pulls out the other half of Ryuko’s scizzor blade, RYUKO JUST LOSES IT. DAMNNNNNNNNN HARIME KILLED RYUKO’S FATHER? ERMAHGOD.

Kill La Kill Ep 11 (6)

And with that, we’ll have to wait for the next episode… Looks like Ryuko’s up against her most formidable opponent yet. KILL LA KILL IS SO AWESOME WHOOOOOOOOO

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Kill La Kill Episode 10 & 11 Rant

  1. I saw the first episode of this anime at the London Comic Con and thought it was hilarious. I cannot wait to see more of it in the future.

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