Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 Review

Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 (26)

I think one word to describe Tokyo Ravens so far would be… inconsistent. They have sudden action that’s pretty intense action for a few episodes… and then no action at all, in fact, we slip into the slice of life genre pretty easily when there’s no big spirit disaster taking place. You wouldn’t get that from the opening or even the first few episodes. But somehow, after ten episodes… it’s come to… this episode.

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 (43)Suzuka, who was initially the antagonist… has turned into more of something of a Himedere in the group. She’s even sort of accepted into the regular gang. Honestly, I don’t think it would be that big of a deal if the school found out about Natsume’s gender. So what if all the other Yakou incarnations were male? This is 2013! This is the 20th century! Are you really telling me that every heir of the Tsuchimikado household has been male EXCEPT Natsume? Seems like a wide shot.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 (31)Basically, Natsume and Harutora become Suzuka’s slaves for a while.  The thing that irritated me the most in this episode was when Suzuka FORCIBLY TRIES TO BREAK INTO NATSUME’S ROOM and they tie her up and bind her while Suzuka breaks the seals on Natsume’s room. Harutora and Touji just STAND BY. Like, seriously, that’s your friend… and she’s a girl. Natsume was almost in TEARS when she was crawling back into her room, still tied up. I felt really bad for her… Luckily, the threesome don’t get into Natsume’s closet cause Harutora summons Kon to unbind Natsume. Geez. Natsume throws Kon at Suzuka to stop her spells and they collide.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 (20)The weird magical tricky thing that happens after causes the negation of Kon’s non-physical form in which case she’s confined to Harutora’s room for the day… but of course, she panics about how her master might not be safe at school so she puts on his tiger logo varsity jacket and follows him around. Suzuka and Natsume are reluctant to get Ohtomo-sensei to fix the situation so obviously chaos ensues as Kon is mistaken for a tiger and then the professional exorcists are called and it all ends in a rather stern scolding of everyone… and a rather burnet and ripped up varsity jacket.

Well, it’s cute how Suzuka is integrated into the main group but I wish they’d change her character’s casual outfit cause the pink goth style seriously reminds me of the first few episodes when she went crazy bitch on everyone.

I mean, what is the point of this episode anyway? There seems to be a lot more to go since my internet searches tell me that Tokyo Ravens has twenty-four episodes in total. I guess the slow plot pacing works out well then, but it’s not like the students are going to graduate any time soon and maybe we won’t reach a point where we get to see them as full-fledged exorcists. Also, I have no idea of what the title references to, but since we’re just hitting the midpoint of the series, I’m guessing there will be a lot more reveals to come (*whispers*since Harutora still hasn’t figured out that his teenage Hokuto girl friend was really Natsume… Bakatora) Again, I want more action in Tokyo Ravens, and less high school interludes.

– Cloudy

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