Kill La Kill Official Soundtrack Review

CoverCall me crazy, but I decided to listen the newly released Kill La Kill soundtrack right before bed… yeah, that’s my idea of relaxing, and, damn. It’s quite an interesting and diverse soundtrack. The style of music reminds me of western hard rock more than your classic Japanese bubble pop. But then again, Kill La Kill’s not your average anime. Don’t know about some of those song titles though but still, the soundtrack release is a pretty great Christmas present for us fans right?

I know I said I wouldn’t really blog since it’s Christmas but apparently I can’t stay away from LCC too long. The most I’ve ever gone is four days I think and it feels like an eternity between blog posts for me. I think I might have separation anxiety with my blog… but anyway, let’s get on with this soundtrack review.

Let’s start with the cover… I didn’t expect them to choose the arena as the dominating cover. I expected Ryuko in her Kamui or at least a showdown photo of Ryuko versus Satsuki but I think choosing the Honnouji Academy arena was a clever choice for the art. The aerial view of the whole thing just makes it all the more dynamic.

You’re definitely getting a lot of your favourite tracks from the anime, whether it’s fighting music or just dramatic score to set the mood. I was especially surprised at the placement of the first soundtrack, “Before My Body is Dry” otherwise known as the “Don’t Lose Your Way” song that people were raving about over the internet that played in Ryuko’s most epic Kamui battle scenes.  And c’mon, there’s RAP in it, which is pretty intense for an anime I think – and I can actually hear the words really clearly. Plenty more surprises to come as you make your way through the album…

I actually hear a lot of beats and techno that I didn’t initially pick up while I was watching the anime. I guess the action really keeps your attention on the visuals and less of the sound since much of techno beats are there to create noise instead of silence. I’m not a particular fan of techno but they seem to be a trend lately and many of the beats are inserted sparingly into the scenes as introductions to characters or just opening scenes.

Although “Before My Body is Dry” is definitely the highlight of the soundtrack, heading the track list at number 1, I was really enamoured by Satsuki’s mother’s background music which is track number 4 entitled Blumenkranz, which means Floral Wreath. It’s just so badass, in an evil, arrogant mofo kinda way. I think they might have thrown some German into this song as well. There’s also so much more English in the soundtrack than I imagined… not very well pronounced English at times, but I guess it’s pretty cool.

I’m also really loving soundtrack number 5, “Ad La Lib,” because it particularly stood up to me when Satsuki made her entrance and displayed her power over Honnouji academy. Very military styled and pounding, I can almost see her and her Elite 4 towering over the students making sure they’re behaving properly.

As well, pay attention to track 7, “Kill If You’ll Kill, “the melancholic ballad that goes with emotional scenes or tragic back story flashbacks. I absolutely love the dramatic stripped down piano sounds. They are what they are and you can really feel the weight of the character’s emotions in the sounds of the keys.

Track 10, titled “Light Your Heart Up” is pretty great as an upbeat addition to the set of sounds. I loved it when I heard it in the anime and since the entire song is in English and rather well enunciated English you can pretty much understand all the lyrics. I feel like it’s Mako’s cheery encouraging song for Ryuko.

This is actually one of the rare anime soundtracks that I would advise purchasing a physical copy to have and hold. It’s a great collection of instrumentals and songs that bring out the intensity of the shonen atmosphere in the series. I know that in the second half of Kill La Kill, a new opening and ending song will be aired so I’m super excited for that. If you guys want to download the soundtrack, have a click at the link below. It’s a pretty strong listing and arranged well that the tracks that you’re searching keep leading you through the album for a onceover listen. Hats off to Hiroyuki Sawano for his great work. These are just my thoughts on first listen. I didn’t particularly give this soundtrack a full rating because it’s made up of such a diverse range of styles and sounds.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday!

– Cloudy

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