Boxing Day Goodie: DNA Headphones by Monster Thoughts and the Headphones Rant

20131226_220028bI don’t write a lot of music posts here on LCC but occasionally when I review an album, I definitely go through the first listen with good quality over the ear headphones. I have a bad habit of switching headphone quite a bit. When I find a pair that has better bass or crisper sound or even a better design on top of sound quality, I’ll ditch my old pair for new ones. As I’ve grown up, I’ve gone from regular earbuds to in-ear earbuds with better noise cancelling capabilities and slowly but surely I made my way to the larger over ear noise cancelling big boys. I went through a few brands, borrowing some from friends and testing out others in stores – I even bought a Skullcandy pair at one point and still I wasn’t happy with the sound quality… I either want really intense bass booming away into my ears or an overall balanced. Headphones that have super crisp sounds with emphases on the highs and none on the lows make my ears hurt after a while. Not to mention the physical design of some headphones. I’m sure you probably know what I mean with the red hot ears…

My latest favourite were the Panasonic RP-HXD3W in red (really it’s more of a magenta) that I picked up while I was in Hong Kong last year when they were around full retail price of $60-$70 Canadian dollars after conversion. They were a stylish design in my favourite colour, I got to test them out in the store beforehand and they were a reasonable price affordable with my well-saved up birthday moneys. I still love them even after I got my new Monster DNA pair just because I like how the bass is tweaked. I have to admit, however, that in terms of overall music quality, clearness of sound, packaging and accessories, the DNAs wins hands down. I guess when it comes down to headphones, it’s all down to preference. Maybe you have seven pairs of big headphones, one for every day and mood of the week. It’s all down to what you like and who cares if someone tells you that they’re overrated or overpriced (even though it’s true with some of the Dr. Dre Beats). I’m not a super pro tech-savvy audiophile but I’ve grown up with this interest in headphones and my ears are classically musically trained so there are some things I would probably pick up from the sound quality that a regular consumer with no music history may not. So now after that long winded introduction, let’s get into my review on the Monster DNA headphones.

First of all, I don’t usually splurge on electronics, I’m the type to line up at five in the morning on boxing day if I can get a laptop for like two to three hundred dollars when there are only like twenty in the store so I never really contemplated getting high-end headphones like the Monsters or even Dr.Dre now that they’ve separated into separate companies. I would take the opportunity to try on the Beats in the store but buying them was and will always be way out of my price range. Also, the Beats aren’t my style, I don’t listen to rap nor techno pounding music so a pair the Monster DNA is really better suited for me.

The DNA is not only a really sleek and stylish fashion statement, sporting triangular over ear cans, but they come in several colours plus customizable extras (for a price of course) so they’re all very tailored to the culturally hip consumers that want to keep up with trends. Personally, I wouldn’t having a stylish look after the  mind wearing plain black head phones as long as they had a really great sound to them but having the DNA pair in a teal and white are a bonus for me. I picked up my pair for $99 dollars during the crazy Boxing Day sale at Best Buy and though I wandered the store contemplating the frugality of my purchase, eventually I went home and took them out of the box.

The packaging is nicely designed, when you open it up, everything’s fitted nicely in boxes to compliment the headphones in the middle of your box. The whole package comes with the headphones, two pairs of cables, a cleaning cloth and a pretty durable waterproof soft case. I expected a hard case initially but after checking out some of the online reviews. There is such a three dimensionally balanced and rounded sound. Now, I mainly listen to Japanese or Chinese pop, often rock pop and sometimes mainstream pop or classical music so the DNAs are great for me.  I love high quality sound systems and headphones but I’m not such an intensive anglophile that I’m going to slam the DNA because of some distortion I hear. It bothers me in some songs that I’ve downloaded but when paired with music that I’ve ripped from official CDs that I’ve purchased, there’s less fuzz. The coolest thing about these headphones is the fact that they have two different ports for your headphones so you can have your preference for where the headphone cable is. As well, due to the dual headphone ports you can share music by linking a miscellaneous pair of headphones or if all your friends have DNAs you can make a circle of music. Pretty cool right?


I am overall really pleased with these headphones, they are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever tried but of course, I’m not a pro headphone reviewer but your music-lover consumer so these are just my thoughts. If you’ve read the rant up till the end, thanks for sticking with me. I just write and spew thoughts when I rant so there isn’t as much organization to it. Hopefully something above helped you with your headphone purchase decisions!

– Cloudy

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