Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Manga Impressions

KALMIA CoverHi guys, I just wanted to get my thoughts out in a quickie post regarding the Manga version of Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. After I reviewed KALMIA over the summer and talked about it with some people online and some friends who also watched or didn’t watch it, I figured that I better read the Manga. I rather enjoyed the anime adaptation of KALMIA just because I love both the Type-Moon anime series but also I don’t mind seeing a new magic girl series especially if it stars one of my favourite characters of the franchise.

I have to say that the anime follows pretty closely to the initial plot of the manga. However in the anime, the pace in the plot is a lot faster just because they’re trying to cram as many details as yet can into the twelve episode limit. Still, a lot more details are found in the manga.

In terms of art style, I’m quite aware that the magical anime genre’s fluffy sparkles and pretty colourful magic sequences, so in many ways I felt that the manga’s kind of art style wasn’t magicky enough. But then I remind myself that the series is addressing many Type-Moon fans who are original fans of the dark and twisting story content of Tsukihime or the Fate series, I get where they’re coming from.

I probably won’t see any plotlines diverge from the anime until I reach Illya’s epic Archer install so I’ll keep reading. Though it’s weird reading Fate manga (cause I really prefer the anime adapted action to the sequential panels) I’ll pretty pleased with what I’ve seen so far. I did have one peeve with the layout though. I found the battle scenes a little choppy and hard to follow It might be because I’ve seen the story in fluid animation which It’s why the action panels don’t sit well with me.


For everything I mentioned above, this is partially why I like watching or reading the original presentation of the story first-whether it be anime or manga. Seeing the story in its original form makes it easier for me to compare the two. But anyway, this here is my first impressions, not much of an intensely opinionated one but I’m just glad to be back in one of my favourite magic worlds.

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More manga reviews to come! Thanks for reading!


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