Strobe Edge Volume 7 Review

Strobe Edge Volume 7Volume 7 features Sayuri on the cover and she is SO PRETTY!! She’s instantly recognizeable and the book itself is printed in such a way that you don’t see a lot of scratches on the cover nor wear and tear in the edges or spine from packaging so shout-out to VizMedia for a fantastic publication. These next chapters of Strobe Edge pack in a bulk of emotional awkwardness and push the story forward in the perspective of many supporting characters.

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Ren and Ninako are at something of a standpoint. Ren’s broken up with Mayuka and still pondering his feelings for Ninako while Ninako just thinks that Ren treats her nice because she’s just a friend to him. The two awkwardly go along with their “friendship” but thanks to Manabu and Tsukasa, they get a few precious hours to themselves during the school trip I guess every oblivious heroine and indecisive hero needs a good supportive best friend to kick them in the right direction.

At the same time, you might not remember this but when Sayuri and Daiki were still in the chase phase, Sayuri mentioned to Ninako and her friends that she had an ex-boyfriend… we don’t hear about him afterward… until now… AND IT TURNS OUT TO BE REN’S FRIEND YU!! Crazy shocking development but while Ninako and Ren’s relationship is in pending, Yu and Sayuri are working out their emotional baggage while a girl in Daiki’s class sidles up to her. The volume ends with Yu thinking that he wants to reconcile his feelings with Sayuri. Even Yu’s own ex-girlfriend shows up so I have a feeling things are going to seriously heat up in this next volume.

I would say that this is the transition volume, its pace and the events carry you smoothly through and it thickens the strands of mounting conflict and resolution. For shojo series like Strobe Edge it is just really pleasant to read. There’s not a lot of stress nor is there too much suspense that makes you tear out your hair waiting for the next volume.

When I get near the ten volume mark, I always reflect on my first reasons for spending money on the official series. If you’re a fan of shojo and you select certain series to purchase, I highly recommend buying Strobe Edge because the art is just so gorgeous and although it is immensely detailed in that shojo style but it’s really neat and tidy; easy to flow, panels dynamically align smoothly.

I hope you girls enjoyed this chilled out review today. I decided on Strobe Edge as my last post for the year because I’ve been following Strobe Edge since I started Little Cloud Curiosity in April and it has become a shojo series very close to my heart. I love the characters very much.

– Cloudy

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