Kill La Kill Official Soundtrack Review

CoverCall me crazy, but I decided to listen the newly released Kill La Kill soundtrack right before bed… yeah, that’s my idea of relaxing, and, damn. It’s quite an interesting and diverse soundtrack. The style of music reminds me of western hard rock more than your classic Japanese bubble pop. But then again, Kill La Kill’s not your average anime. Don’t know about some of those song titles though but still, the soundtrack release is a pretty great Christmas present for us fans right?

I know I said I wouldn’t really blog since it’s Christmas but apparently I can’t stay away from LCC too long. The most I’ve ever gone is four days I think and it feels like an eternity between blog posts for me. I think I might have separation anxiety with my blog… but anyway, let’s get on with this soundtrack review.

Let’s start with the cover… I didn’t expect them to choose the arena as the dominating cover. I expected Ryuko in her Kamui or at least a showdown photo of Ryuko versus Satsuki but I think choosing the Honnouji Academy arena was a clever choice for the art. The aerial view of the whole thing just makes it all the more dynamic.

You’re definitely getting a lot of your favourite tracks from the anime, whether it’s fighting music or just dramatic score to set the mood. I was especially surprised at the placement of the first soundtrack, “Before My Body is Dry” otherwise known as the “Don’t Lose Your Way” song that people were raving about over the internet that played in Ryuko’s most epic Kamui battle scenes.  And c’mon, there’s RAP in it, which is pretty intense for an anime I think – and I can actually hear the words really clearly. Plenty more surprises to come as you make your way through the album…

I actually hear a lot of beats and techno that I didn’t initially pick up while I was watching the anime. I guess the action really keeps your attention on the visuals and less of the sound since much of techno beats are there to create noise instead of silence. I’m not a particular fan of techno but they seem to be a trend lately and many of the beats are inserted sparingly into the scenes as introductions to characters or just opening scenes.

Although “Before My Body is Dry” is definitely the highlight of the soundtrack, heading the track list at number 1, I was really enamoured by Satsuki’s mother’s background music which is track number 4 entitled Blumenkranz, which means Floral Wreath. It’s just so badass, in an evil, arrogant mofo kinda way. I think they might have thrown some German into this song as well. There’s also so much more English in the soundtrack than I imagined… not very well pronounced English at times, but I guess it’s pretty cool.

I’m also really loving soundtrack number 5, “Ad La Lib,” because it particularly stood up to me when Satsuki made her entrance and displayed her power over Honnouji academy. Very military styled and pounding, I can almost see her and her Elite 4 towering over the students making sure they’re behaving properly.

As well, pay attention to track 7, “Kill If You’ll Kill, “the melancholic ballad that goes with emotional scenes or tragic back story flashbacks. I absolutely love the dramatic stripped down piano sounds. They are what they are and you can really feel the weight of the character’s emotions in the sounds of the keys.

Track 10, titled “Light Your Heart Up” is pretty great as an upbeat addition to the set of sounds. I loved it when I heard it in the anime and since the entire song is in English and rather well enunciated English you can pretty much understand all the lyrics. I feel like it’s Mako’s cheery encouraging song for Ryuko.

This is actually one of the rare anime soundtracks that I would advise purchasing a physical copy to have and hold. It’s a great collection of instrumentals and songs that bring out the intensity of the shonen atmosphere in the series. I know that in the second half of Kill La Kill, a new opening and ending song will be aired so I’m super excited for that. If you guys want to download the soundtrack, have a click at the link below. It’s a pretty strong listing and arranged well that the tracks that you’re searching keep leading you through the album for a onceover listen. Hats off to Hiroyuki Sawano for his great work. These are just my thoughts on first listen. I didn’t particularly give this soundtrack a full rating because it’s made up of such a diverse range of styles and sounds.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday!

– Cloudy

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Out of the Box: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Haru Plushie

Hi guys, I hope your holidays are going well. I wanted to share with you all my new Haruka Nanase plushie from the Free! anime series that recently aired over the summer. If you guys want to check out my reviews for the series, click here.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this in previous posts but I absolutely LOVE Bandai plushies. Their overall quality is topnotch and the plushies are very huggable. In contrast to the Nendoroid plushie lines that are perhaps more for display rather than fun, all the Free! plushies released thus far have interchangeable jackets and shirts. I am a huge plushie collector and more than once, the quality or simply the brand name of the company empties out my wallet. The plushies with the Iwatobi jackets like Haru stand at about 30cm tall so not only are they a really good size but you’re getting your money’s worth because they’re pretty big. Well, to me they are anyway but I’m only 5 feett so take that previous statement relative to your height and size. The arms and legs are flexible and the plushie is proportioned enough so that Haru can stand if he has solid footing on a sturdy ground.

I am just so surprised at how soft the plushie turned out to be.  If you’re into small details, take a look at Haru’s eyes, the stitching is woven tightly and neatly; this is one of the key features that can help you distinguish imitations from genuine products. Each expression of the plushies are designed to fit their character’s personality so while Haru sports a serious look, other plushies like Nagisa or Makoto are smiling. But no worries, Haru’s always smiling on the inside 😉

Special shoutout to AmiAmi that got my package delivered so quickly before Christmas.


I hope you guys liked this new “Out of the Box” feature. The hat doesn’t come with the plushie, I happened upon a Christmas decor hat in the stores that was the perfect size for my anime plushies so I thought I could get Haru into the Christmas spirit haha

There probably won’t be any ground shaking reviews or rants for Dec 24 and 25. If anything, I’ll post some winter photography and you can see how cold it gets in Canada. I’m sure you’ll all be too busy with holiday dinners or family meet-ups to even open your laptop and even if you don’t have any big gatherings, call up a bunch of friends to celebrate the holidays together. ‘Tis the season! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe winter holiday and I will talk to you guys on Boxing Day!

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Gundam Seed Winter Ice Photography

Hey guys, so if you’ve known me for a while, you might have caught on to that fact that I’m Canadian. Yeah, that means it snows. A lot. In the winter. But hey that gives me plenty of opportunities to practice lighting in intensely white landscapes or dull grey overcast weather. Today I wanted to share some new figure photography in the winter snow starring Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Athha from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. As always, only some of the contrast and brightness is edited and all the photos were taken with my trust (though somewhat basic) D3100 and my favourite Sigma 17-70mm macro lens.

Hope you guys liked this little photo shoot. Got down on my hands and knees in the ice and snow while my dad was shoveling the driveway… the neighbours probably think I’m a weirdo but you do whatcha gotta do for your photos right? More fun winter holiday stuff to come soon! Thanks for reading!

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Cloudy Says…

Hey guys, we haven’t had a new Cloudy Says in a while so I thought I’d do an update today. I hope your winter season is going well. My exams finished on Monday and I finally got to go home for the holidays. I have about three Out-of-the-Box features planned, depending on how much photography I get done so look out for those Christmas specials closer to the date. Also, since I have a lot of free time for the next few weeks, regular reviews and rants will be posted… regularly.

As you might already know, many of the fall season anime series are finishing up. Here are the latest…

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If you’re wondering about Log Horizon… that anime kinda lost me… yeah, it just didn’t stimulate that much excitement in me or warrant a lot of rewatching. Usually when I’m pining over the fact that we won’t get a new episode of Kill La Kill or Kyoukai no Kanata, I’ll go rewatch this week’s episode at least three to five times because I’m so stoked for the next one and I really love the action that went on. The initial energy that Log Horizon started with just kinda faded so I probably won’t follow it anymore. Though, let me know if there’s anything huge that happens after and I might catch up on it.

Turns out that Tokyo Ravens and Kill La Kill is extending to double the amount of episodes in the season, amping it up for another twelve weeks for 24 episodes, which I think is pretty reasonable because Tokyo Ravens has been lacking a lot of intense plot and character development and in Kill La Kill, there’s just too much that hasn’t been answered yet in the plot. Plus the series is just REALLY GOOD sooooo I’d hate to give it up after 12 episodes and I’m sure you all feel the same way.

I’ll try to get some fanart done depending on how I feel. But there are just so many great new characters this season it’s hard to figure out who or what to draw. And also, I’m waiting for boxing day discounts at the art store before I grab new copic markers.

Regarding the winter season coming soon, give me a few weeks to ponder over the new stuff. I don’t see a really strong lineup of winter shows. Really I’m mostly waiting for all the OVAS that are to be released on CHRISTMAS DAY! – stay tuned for reviews on OVAS for Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya, Uta no Prince-sama and so on. Also if I remember correctly, the Kill La Kill official soundtrack will be released on Christmas Day as well (but don’t take my word for it and check your regular anime music sites for those updates)

I wrote this Cloudy Says in two parts so I don’t remember what Part 2 was about but I think I said everything that I needed to say above. If anything comes up, I’ll let you guys know…

Love Logo_Text_Cropped

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Judgmental Otakus, The Rant…

Keep Calm and Watch Anime

So… have you ever experienced this?

Me: I really like “insert favourite anime here” \*v*/

Other Person: Ugh, why do you like THAT anime, it’s so stupid o_0

Me: But *insert favourite anime character here* is really awesome ._.””

Other Person: Ugh no. That anime is stupid. You’re stupid. =__=

Okay, maybe it doesn’t go down as melodramatic as this but it seriously does happen., and I’ve been in this awkward position. Casue seriously, how do you even respond to that? It’s like you’re judged by the fact that you like the colour blue while your “friend” likes the colour red. Why does my opinion even matter to you? If I want to fangirl over Eren and Attack in Titan just isn’t your cup of tea, don’t look at me like I’m a complete idiot. I will fangirl who I want to. I feel like there are a few circumstances where you might find yourself being judged for you like, or if not judged, at least given a few weird glances or eye-rolls.

1) Controversial Anime – and by controversial, I don’t mean an anime that addresses issues like abortion or euthanasia or any of that dark stuff. I’m talking about anime where the fandom is split RIGHT. DOWN. THE MIDDLE. Take Sword Art Online for example, that seems to be a big one since the anime finished in 2012 and still, you see Kiritos, Kiritos EVERYWHERE at conventions. There are some fans that absolutely love love love the series despite its flaws (cause let’s face it, every anime has flaws); then there are the fans who ONLY like the first part or ONLY the second part and an argument  friendly discussion ensues on some comment section when after fifty raging cap locks comments and then some off topic mentions of a cat video or something about religion, you decide that SAO is just GOOD and you leave it at that cause obviously you won’t convince that other internet stranger to change their mind even though you wasted two hours of your life trying to convince them otherwise.

Sword Art Online Poster

UtaPri 1000%2) Niche – Niche is actually a pretty wide department of selections, it can refer to a series that just has a strange plot premise and completely throws weird wild cards at you or it can refer to a series that’s directly targeted to a small specific viewership that already has a solid mini fanbase that will love the series no matter what. Otome is kinda like this – the main point of the stories is the romance elements. As an otome fan, you EXPECT there to be at least four guys chasing after one girl and you EXPECT the plot to follow or somewhat resemble the games you’ve already finishes and SORTA EXPECT the heroine to have a personality. In cases like Alice in the Country of Hearts or Haruka in Uta no Prince-sama, she’s great, she’s got her own goals and values – in other cases like Amnesia, when the heroine’s name is, well, you know, HEROINE and SHE HAS AMNESIA, she’s… not as great. Usually if you’re into niche genres or niche anime, only your fellow fangirls or fanboys will understand why you feel the need to collect twenty rubber straps of that ONE character while other people just look at you like you’ve gone insane.

BigFourShonenAnime3) What the People deem, “OVERRATED” – Most of us have probably been in this situation. Whether you follow the Big Four (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail) which have HUMONGOUS WORLDWIDE FANBASES or you follow something that just rages intensely over tumblr and facebook due to the anime’s recent release like Free! or Attack on Titan. There are going to be a few people who just rain on your fandom parade by saying, “It’s so overrated, it’s not even good.” – but let me ask you this – how is THE ANIME BAD if A LOT of people are watching it? There’s a grain of truth in every rumour and even every overrated fandom. I think my friend Haley put it best when she said, “I don’t think you should not watch an anime just because it’s overrated.” Simple statement, lot’s of meaning.

I guess the point I’m trying to make it is – WATCH WHAT YOU WANT. IF YOU LIKE IT, SCREW WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.

Don't Keep Calm

If you wanna watch a series about chocolate rivers with giant titans and singing turquoise-haired girls ALLLLLL IN ONE ANIME, GO AND DO IT – granted if they ever make something like that. But you know what I mean! At the end of the day, do what you want to do because you don’t want to lose out on a really great anime just because everyone tells you NOT to watch it and you don’t want to end up watching something you hate just cause EVERYONE tells you you’re not a “real” otaku if you haven’t seen it. Fangirl or fanboy over what you want. I’m 5 foot and relatively small, I’ve totally stood up to a six foot guy about why he should give Free! a try. Stand up for what you like, defend your favourite anime (don’t get into physical fights of course) but make your anime –pinions known to others and if your current anime friends don’t like what you want, sooner or later, other anime viewers who happen to appreciate the same stuff that you do will come along.

Well, that was a really long rant but I got out what I wanted to say. I hope you guys never come across judgmental otakus and even if you do, don’t let it get you down cause they have no right to dictate how much you love or don’t love an anime. I hope you guys liked this post, thanks for reading and special thanks to my friend Haley for that moment of inspiration for this rant.

if you want regular updates, you know how to follow.  Till next time!

– Cloudy


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