Nisekoi Volume 1 Impressions & Review

thumb-1578-NIS_1_webHi guys, I’m sorry I disappeared for the weekend, I had a last minute family dinner, then I had to pack for my return to University and then I had to have Dim Sum lunch with my grandma so I’ve been super busy but now that I’m settled into student life again, I’m ready to get another review done.

Rating: 5/5 super excited cloudCrop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Today we’re looking at the first volume of Nisekoi. Since the official hard copy releases tomorrow from VizMedia, I decided to give you all an overview right now. The Manga is serialized in Shone Jump and follows the high school, romance, comedy lives of Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki who are both forced to “date” in order to keep the peace between their respective members.

The humour is really great and even if you’re a fan of bishounen art show style, you’ll find the characters cute and quirky to look at and their humour is just so hilarious. I was reading Nisekoi on my phone on the way to class and cracking up pretty loudly. The interactions between Ichijo and Kirisaki are so amusing because they get on each others nerves almost every time they speak LOL I feel a little bad for Ichijo who has a crush on Onodera, a classmate of his, and needs to juggle his feelings for her with his love act with Kirisaki. But my favourite moments are those quiet exchanges between Ichijo and Kirisaki when they realize that perhaps they’re not as different as they initially thought.

This is a really great start to the series. We’re introduced a bit of Ichijo’s past because the story is mostly told from his perspective and with a solid at of characters laid out, the plot is naturally paced and clearly set. I’m really in love with the story right now so I strongly encourage you all to give this series a try whether you’re a shonen fan or shojo fan, into comedy or slice of life. There’s less physical action (unless the yakuza break out into gang fights) but I still recommend this to all viewers of all genres.

Hope you guys enjoyed his review and I am definitely looking forward to the print release tomorrow. My Internet is so messed up right now where I live in Kingston so I typed this entire review out on my phone. If there are typos, sorry bout that. Anyway, thank you all for easing and I will post as soon as I can!

– Cloudy

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