Cloudy’s Winter 2014 Anime Picks

Hello everyone, I have been so busy with stuff lately that I’m a little behind on the Winter release but HERE THEY ARE and HERE ARE MY PICKS!! – If you’re into Season 2’s, be sure to check out Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, Gin no Saji Silver Spoon and Maken-Ki. This season doesn’t look like it has a particularly unique mix of genres. I’m drawing out the ones I think are interesting. My taste usually ranges in the shojo, slice of life, comedy, high school, supernatural or fantasy action. Art and animation style factors significantly into my selections. I focused a bit more on the seiyuus (voice actors and actresses) because the sound is a big factor to the success of the anime. Now, after that quickie intro, here’s the anime that’s caught my eye…

Neppuu Kairiku Bushi RoadNeppuu Kairiku Bushi Road

Release Date: Dec 31, 2013

Released as one of the few earliest series of the winter season, Neppuu Kairiku Bushi Road takes place in an apocalyptic world where the world is deteriorating due to a poison called “shinobi” that stemmed from an asteroid that hit earth. As a result, people are forced to live at the bottom of the ocean where they strive to find a cure or create a weapon to cure or counter the effects of the poison. We say HELLO to Kenn again in yet another anime series. He has quite a fanbase of girls as he’s the voice of Akihito Kanbara in Kyoukai no Kanata and Futo Asahina in Brothers Conflict as well as many previous games.  With Megumi Han as the leading lady, who’s previously done cuter voice roles in the past, I can’t wait to see her voice acting skills flex in this darker epic mecha action adventure.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Toaru Hikuushi e KoiutaToaru Hikkushi e no Koiuta

Release Date: Jan 6, 2014

I am really excited for this one because it releases today! It’s based on a Light Novel so the initial plot is solid. It follows a bit of a quest style in that the story stars a prince who journeys out his hometown in search for revenge. Of course he meets a girl and romance ensues. If you’re into classic kingdom fantasy, check this one out. To be honest, I’m just really looking forward to hearing Yuki Aoi voice the female protagonist because she’s previously voiced Madoka Kaname from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Victorique de Blois from Gosick and Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund. Her leading man is a bit of a newbie, but we’ve already heard some of his work in Nagi no Asukara or Outbreak Company from the previous Fall Season. Art style overall looks really bright and colourful so I can’t wait to see TMS Entertainment’s animation of the Light Novel visuals.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 4.5/4 super excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Mahou SensouMahou Sensou

Release Date: Jan 9, 2014

If you’re a Mamo fan, you will have to check this out. Miyano Mamoru stars in Mahou Sensou as Nanase Takeshi, a high school boy who…. has quite a back story. Although it’s produced by Madhouse, the character designs remind me strangely of the Fate series characters just from first look at the poster. Hopefully, the voice acting will uplift me from these visual preconceptions. Fans of otome anime will be thrilled to hear Kenichi Suzumura and Miyano Mamoru together in an anime *internally fangirls and our main modern female magician, Aiba Mui is voiced by Nao Touyama who is quite the veteran and also voices the lead in the anime adaptation of Nisekoi this season.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 4/5 super excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent


Release Date: Jan 6, 2014

Another release at the day of this post, I added D-Frag onto my list because I think it’ll be a really hilarious, mindlessly fun anime to watch. It’s especially good for de-stressing from work or school which you’ve probably recently returned to. We see four very interesting girls at the forefront of the cover with one quite frustrated male protagonist behind them. Another harem anime? Maybe, but I’m in it for the fun. I try to check out the anime’s own site to see the image they’re going for. I see some Chibi visuals, clean designs and sold colours. I can’t wait to see how the chemistry will mix amongst the cast.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent


Release Date: Jan 9, 2014

I think I previously  saw this on a fall line up and somehow it was pushed to winter. There are siblings, horror, supernatural, mystery and even some cannibalism. I’ll give this one a try but the dark stuff is not my line of expertise or usual area of interest. It’s really the vivid and unique palette of colours in the art that piques my curiosity.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 3/5 curiously intrigued clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Hoozuki no ReitetsuHoozuki no Reitetsu

Release Date: Jan 9, 2014

Produced by WIT Studio who oversaw the production of Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan, this series has won several awards already. Hoozuki seems to be the King of Hell’s advisor and the story falls in the comedy and supernatural but since it takes place in Hell there should be some dark elements to it.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 3/5 curiously excited cloudsCrop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Wake Up GirlsWake Up, Girls!

Release Date: Jan 10, 2014

Hey hey, this one’s for the guys. If you love cute singing girls and if you enjoyed Love Live, check out this new idol-themed story produced by Tatsunoko Productions and Ordet. It also falls into the slice of life category and the feel of the art style is a bit more mature with softer colours versus the big-eyed little girl idols of Love Live. Definitely give this one a try, it airs a little late but if the series is a hit with good sound direction and a unique soundtrack, it’ll be a hit.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 3/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Inari, Konkon, Koi IrohaInari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

Release Date: Jan 15, 2014

A little high school, a little love problem, a little supernatural stuff and you have Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. I find the premise a little scattered which is why I’ve broken it down to those initial three points. After being totally embaressed at school and brutally rejected by her crush, our heroine ends up meeting a fox spirit who leads her to a Goddess that grants her a wish. Weird, but it sits in between comedy, romance and supernatural. I think this one sits on the line for me so your enjoyment level is really up to your preference.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 2.5/5 excited clouds Crop_25 CloudsExcited Transparent

NisekoiCloudy’s Most Anticipated this Season: Nisekoi

Release Date: Jan 11, 2014

I recently got into this manga in preparation for this anime adaptation. If you would like to check out the overview of the Nisekoi story and a general introduction, click here. It’s being animated by Shaft and it is already licensed by Aniplex. Nao Touyama (also in Hataraku Maou-sama!, Love Live and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru) voices the female protagonist Chitoge Kirisaki while Kouki Uchiyama (also in Infinite Stratos, Kimi to Boku and Zetsuen no Tempest) voices the male protagonist Raku Ichijo. I can’t wait to see them make some magic together.

Cloudy’s Anticipation Rating: 5/5 crazy excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Thank you guys so much for reading. If there’s an anime you found on the chart of new releases that you think is super interesting and you want a First Impressions or Review of it from me, leave a comment below and I will definitely check it out. As always, I’m going to do quite a few First Impressions reviews for the next while. Hopefully I can still keep a good balance with my other posts so follow me here or on twitter or my other social media feeds (found in “All About Me” at the top) if you want to stay up to date with me. Don’t forget to check the “Latest News-Cloudy Says…” page frequently for new updates if you drop in every once in a while 😉

Happy anime watching to all!!

– Cloudy

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