Kill La Kill RETURNS – Episode 13 Rant

Honnouji Academy. Naturals Election. King of the Hill Final Battle. And Now… Tri-City Schools Raid Trip.Kill La Kill Episode 13 (49)

This week Kill La Kill returns with a hell of a lot to tell. Satsuki calls her Elite 4 together for a strategy meeting regarding the school raids in Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. The newest anti-Kyoto, Ant-Kobe and Anti-Osaka Goku Uniforms are begins distributed as  the new three-star special Goku uniforms are being prepared for the Elite. Looks like Satsuki still stands proudly over her Elite 4 as she readies to conquer the Tri-City schools…

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (48)

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

MAKO RETURNS!!! And pensively contemplates the school raid. “It’s practically a war,” she says… Mako, it mostly likely IS a war considering how Satsuki goes about it. Mako’s used as a device to reintroduce information to us and Aikurou-sensei… and also, a weird student named Nagita appears, claiming to be a former newspaper committee member. He calls Ryuko a symbol for virtue and revolution (lool what?) and goes about preaching for revolution on the school grounds.

At home, Ryuko refuses to wear Senketsu because she fears the consequences of her rage. Despite the comic relief provided by the Mankanshoku family, the weight of season 1’s outcome really weighs heavily on her mind… seems like she’s lost her will to fight now that she’s witnessed the dark and destructive power of her Kamui.

But of course it wouldn’t  be season 2 without the introduction of some new and mysterious characters previously teased out in season 1… cue Ragyo Kiryuin. LET THE RAINBOW WAVES OF LIGHT BEGIN. SHINYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I mean, seriously, who’s her stylist?

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (39) Kill La Kill Episode 13 (36)

“What is Clothing?” Ragyo demands of her men; they answer, in unison, “Clothing is sin! Man’s original sin!” Interesting religious allusion and between her clothing is sin philosophy, she provides some useful  information about the world dominating influence of the Revocs company. DAMNNNN now we know why Satsuki is SUCH A HARDASS… LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER. La vie est drole right?… Didn’t really expect to find any French injected into the dialogue so that definitely amused me. Why was the High Order Tailor sent to Honnouji Academy? Well, Ragyo doesn’t give a straight answer. She calls Satsuki a “child of covers,” what does that mean? Why the fashion takeover of Revocs uniforms? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS SOMEONE GIVE ME THE NEXT EPISODE! Just as Satsuki leaves, Nui arrives and hints that she might also try to press Satsuki to the destructive limits of her Kamui, to which Ragyo just smirks…

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (31)

Back at the house, Senketsu gets the feeling that his sole purpose of creation was to be worn by Ryuko because every time he drinks her blood, this feeling intensifies… well, it was almost a touching moment… until Nagita appears, with the Disciplinary Committee at his tail. Finally, Ryuko dons her Kamui to save Nagita’s ass. I love the remixed slowed down version of “Before My Body is Dry” to accompany the pivotal moment where Ryuko agrees to fight again and I have to say, I really love Senketsu’s lines. For a uniform, he’s pretty deep, in the sense that he’s sentient enough to have “feelings” and displays a sense of loyalty for Ryuko which I think is cute… I’ve also found fanart of Senketsu in human form coupled with Ryuko, kinda weird in a couple way, but adorable in a sibling kind of way.

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (19)

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (12)When Ryuko finally finds Nagita, we find out that the squirrelly, overexcited Nagita is actually Nui Harime IN DISGUISE! … Well, IT WAS A GOOD DISGUISE. And the giant block text red text sign RETURNS LOLLLLL But even as Ryuko attacks Nui, she’s afraid to go all out because of possible effects.  AND AFTER THE BATTLE SENKETSU GETS CHOPPED UP BY NUI AT THE END OF THE EPISODE. OMG He’s just SQUARES NOW. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. And just before Nui can deal the final blow to Ryuko, Satsuki appears to drive Nui away. Satsuki collects the scraps of Senketsu back to Iori’s lab and orders him to divide the scraps into suitable hosts (I’m guessing, they’ll show up in the Elite 4’s goku suits?) Oh right, so when Satsuki sends her army out, Mako’s actually been enlisted (for hard labour mainly) due her accompliceship to Nagita when he was soap-opera-box-preaching for revolution.

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (28)

Kill La Kill Episode 13 (7)

And the episode ends with Aikurou discovering Ryuko’s unconscious body, but I’m surprised that Satsuki has the decency to place a sheet over Ryuko. I guess nudity really isn’t her thing.

Crazy crazy crazy lots happened in this episode and I don’t even know where the next episode is going to begin because all the neat stitching of season 1 just got unravelled and torn up and thrown everywhere for the continuation of the plot. Can’t wait for next week’s episode. What did you guys think of the new plot openings? Liked it? Hated it? Want more mindless action and less plot meaning? Lemme know in the comments 😉

– Cloudy

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