Noragami Episode 1 Impressions

Noragami Episode 1 (28)I was recommended Noragami by one of my best friends who love its character designs, art and cast. The name Noragami literally means “Stray Gods.” The story takes place in a world of multiple gods, spirits and sacred objects. There are those who belong to heaven, those to earth, those to the afterlife and those who straddle the fine line inbetween. Yato (Hiroshi Kaiya) is one of these up and coming gods who attempts to build up his followers and shrine, hoping one day to be renowned and worshipped. After being totally dumped by his Sacred Treasure, which gods needs in order to slay the creatures between living and dead otherwise known as the Phantoms so he’s kind of stuck in a hard spot for now…

In the realm of high school normality, a girl named Hiyori Iki saves Yato from being hit by a bus and somehow becomes involved in this supernatural world. Since recovering from the incident, her soul often detaches from her body, making her an innocent bystander in all this.

Noragami Episode 1 (27)


Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

There’s a healthy balance of dark and comedic elements. Yato’s a pretty hilarious character and his eyes are so stark in contrast to his dark hair colouring, giving his character a memorable impression. Hiyori seems like your average girl, except for the whole issue with her soul as well as her strange obsessesion with professional fighters. A lot of questions and not a lot of answers, Noragami teases you with a lot of new concepts such as “Near Shore,” their name for the living realm and “Far Shore,” their name for the afterlife. Exactly what these boundaries and shores entail isn’t revealed except for the fact that Hiyori has become a Phantom. Where exactly is the story headed? Hard to say, mainly because the two main characters come from such diverging worlds but if you’re into supernatural action and worlds with gods and spirits from themes of life and death, give this one a try.

Noragami Episode 1 (7)

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4 thoughts on “Noragami Episode 1 Impressions

  1. Hrm…. I think there is a lot of terminology used here that gets recycled into supernatural anime…. The idea of the far shore/ near shore is used in mushishi for one. The idea of it being new for this anime is true but death boundries have always been a common story. (Harry potter’s Thestrals, Ao no Exorcist’s ability to see demons/dead after encountering one, general idea of seeing the dead after having a near death experience.)

    I guess once you start watching/reading a bunch of fantasy/supernatural, the tropes/terms crop up more often… I wonder how often something definitely falls into a classic category but breaks the mold? As far as I can think, a lot of things are just mashups of two popular things like (Gothic + Elizabethan = Black Butler).

    • That is true with everything. What makes it different is when a work stands out of the crowd by its performance or bold characters. They make a series stand out of the crowd. Like many anime have swords but you wouldn’t compare Noragami with Bleach since they have differing rules and a tad more different atmosphere. It all comes down with it having that one or two attribute that makes it different. Good disscussion point you bring up Patrick:)

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