Tokyo Ravens Episode 12-13 Review


I’ve been gone for a while with Tokyo Ravens cause the action seriously slowed down near the end of the Fall Season so this two episode post is really just more of a recap on what’s happened so far and where it’s headed. I’m expecting great things from episode 14 because of all the time spent on the buildup of episode 12 & 13. These two episodes really go together despite being separated as the last episode of Fall and the first of Winter. Check it out below…

Episode 12 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

3The whole gang heads on a class trip to a training camp. Touji’s just finishing his examination ith Harutora’s father and is working on modifying his ogre seal. Initially, it seems like Suzuka’s out of the picture for this episode but to Harutora and Natsume’s dismay, she appear before them at the destination.

Honestly, if Touji didn’t make any moves, I seriously don’t think the story wouldn’t get anywhere. Harutora is too much of a Bakatora to get anything done and in a high school setting, there are no scenarios presented that challenge Natsume’s skills as an exorcist. Touji approaches Suzuka about the recent spirit accidents. As a Divine General, she has access to quite a bit of background information that we don’t know. Her deceased father, Shido Dairenji was the one who led the terrorist attacks in Tokyo.  Touji proposes a partnership with Suzuka in conjunction with Harutora, Natsume, Kyoko and Tenma. He’s pretty badass, confront Suzuka this way…

Suzuka informs us that the bad guys, namely the Twin Horn Syndicate are finally announced to the group through Suzuka. The ones obsessed with Natsume are also part of that group and there are rumours that Omnyo Prep has already been infiltrated by them. Is Natsume really the reincarnation of Yakou? Not even Suzuka can say… she mentions a man named Ryou Saotome claimed in a documented report that using something called the Raven’s Coat, they would be able to find out if Natsume is truly Yakou’s reincarnation.

The issue of Hokuto the familiar, returns… and still Harutor26a hasn’t picked up on anything. Honestly, why is he even the main character /=_=””””” and while Harutora, Kyoko and Suzuka are talking about Natsume, Hokuto and Harutora’s feelings for Hokuto… Natsume and Touji are eavesdropping. Finally, the character’s move forward in their personal plots…

Pretty entertaining episode overall. Initially I picked a 3.5 rating but because of Touji’s involvement (and the really hot screenshots I got of him *cough*), I bumped it up 0.5 clouds. I generally enjoyed the humour of this episode too. Now, I’m really just waiting for all of this to twist up…

Episode 13 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent


This episode starts off a bit different, with a darker focus on the Twin Horn Syndicate before returning us to our regular Omnyo prep life. Harutora, on the bus finally noticed something about Natsume/Hokuto’s pink ribbon. FINALLY. OHMIGOD. And now there’s all this tension. Even Touji’s sighing in exasperation LOL

8It’s nice to see Natsume act more like a girl now cause she’s been so closed off for the last like eight episodes cause she has to keep up her front as a guy. I think good Suzuka is growing on me, she’s pretty badass in her own right and when she’s not in crazy bitch mode, she’s a pretty dnamic character. Kyoko’s character just got two-dimensionalized and shoved to the side. When I originally saw her, I thought she’d have some internal conflict about the fact that her family owns Omnyo Prep. At the same time, Tenma seems to be having some issues on his own… doubting his talent and what not. Guess his parents’ accomplishments and prestige re really getting to him.

“There are many different talents necessary for omnyo magic…”


On his way home, Tenma bumps into Hirata Atsune, another of Yakou’s obsessive followers, posing as a member of the Magical investigation Bureau. The creep drops some sort of spell on Tenma… and Ashiya Doman announces that he’s going to steal the Raven’s coat tomorrow. He must be pretty confident if he’s announcing it to the world still believing that he won’t be caught. OHMIGOSH WE ACTUALLY GET TO SEE ALL TWELVE OF THE DIVINE GENERALS at a meeting. Now the organization is after “D,” if they can find D, they can figure out what’s being plotted behind the bureau’s backs.  Tokyo Ravens is making quite a comeback with episode 13 after the holidays.

While things are brewing intensely out in the real world, Harutora’s brooding in his room like the useless protagonist he’s become. Natsume’s also contemplating her confession to Natsume and both decide that they seriously need to talk. WELL if you guys pay close attention to the dialogue – HARUTORA IS SO NOT SMOOTH WITH BRINGING UP THIS AWKWARD CONVERSATION. MY GOD BOY, AT LEAST WRITE OUT A SCRIPT OR SOMETHING FIRST. Oh god, and then self-doubt sets in and Harutora doesn’t want to mess up his friendship with Harutora, then the Little Girl Senpai who likes Kon APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE – WHAT?

37Domam makes his move… and attacks Omnyo Agency with familiars. The school breaks out into panic. Domam PERSONALLY arrives at the school yo. SO MUCH BUILDUP – and then it ends. I’m starting to think that I have a hate-love relationship with Tokyo Ravens. Sometimes I love it cause when it gets good, it gets REALLY GOOD in one or two episodes and then I can hardly stand it when there’s high school life filler with absolutely no action. Season 2 looks like it’s off to a good start though. Excited to see how it’ll all go down.

– Cloudy

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