Wake Up, Girls! First Impressions


I actually didn’t expect Wake Up, Girls to begin the way it did. Like many other idol or entertainment, performing arts related anime, I thought the series would go from aspiring singer or other, to professional debut and although it’s refreshing to see idol show plots being changed, it doesn’t lend as much excitement at the beginning of an anime. For an opener, I found episode 1 a little duller than expected. It literally begins right after Wake Up Girls’ debut concert – and since they’re managed by a smaller company, their opening performance is anything but packed. In fact it takes place in a park with just a few passerby. Here’s where the Wake Up, Girls movie comes in. It follows the manager and producer of Green Leaves Entertainment as they attempt to create an Idol group in an attempt to keep the company going. As a result, the manager, Tange Junko and producer, Matsuda Kohei scout out girls from all different walks of life, different social groups with different backgrounds to audition.

14In terms of character designs, I really feel like no one tried that hard to make the girls super distinguishable from one another. There is an element of reality to the animation because of the palette of neutral tones however I feel like I’m memorizing hair styles just to tell them apart because you wouldn’t know who was who just from the eyes or the face alone. The only interesting character seems to be Mayu Shimada, a somewhat quieter member of Wake Up Girls who is mentioned in passing, as a previous member of another famous idol group called I-1 Club. Her story is something we see in the entertainment industry quite a bit, idol members shuffle in and out of groups due to one reason or another. The entertainment world is a cruel place after all. The movie gives us the back story behind Mayu’s quiet personality, her family as well as information on the other girls and Green Leaves Entertainment as a whole. I strongly recommend you watch it before starting the Wake Up, Girls series. It’s close to an hour but serves as a solid starting point to the Wake Up, Girls story.


 The debut song that Wake Up Girls sings is really catchy though I don’t know where the plot is going. There seems to be an issue with their producer and the episode is just a lot of introductory filler in my opinion but since the entire ordeal of forming an idol group was placed in a prequel movie, then the bulk of the story must focus on the girls’ paths from their debut into entertainment industry and on.

– Cloudy

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