Cloudy Says… 2014 Winter Anime Season Highlights and some other things…

Hi guys, how is the New Year treating you? I know I’m just settling back into the second term of my school life so I hope you’re doing well wherever you are. I haven’t done a Cloudy Says in a long time so consider this the January update. It’s been a crazy two weeks in the new winter anime season so far. Here’s a poll for the new winter season stuff. Let me know what you’re watching so far or vote for what you think will be the best animes this season. I just want a sense of what you’re interested in because a lot of people have called the new lineup rather weak this season. If you’re interested in my thoughts on some of the new anime, read on past the poll…

Here’s a list of the First Impressions anime I’ve done just to give you a better look at the new season. I ended up watching a lot more anime than I predicted and still there are a few more shows coming out.

  • Nobunaga the Fool
  • Noragami
  • D-Frag!
  • Mahou Sensou
  • Nisekoi
  • Wake Up Girls!
  • Pupa

I also watched/was forced to watch Buddy Complex, Nourin and Sakura Trick (dear lord…). Buddy Complex was decent for a new mecha. It involves some time travel future elements so the first episode is pretty strong, however, I’m really a classic Gundam kind of girl. I didn’t think the mecha armour designs were as unique or aesthetically stimulating as the Gundams but if you’re a mecha science-fiction fan, give that one a go. Nourin falls into comedy, romance and high school with perhaps a little ecchi thrown in there occasionally. Main character idolizes cute little girl idol. Cute little girl idol transfers into his school under an alias, they meet, things happen… but it’s a farming agriculturally oriented kind of school which I found a little strange. The idol song is super catchy though. As for Sakura Trick… Yuri lovers only, please. Yuri is obviously not my taste nor is it intended for my demographic so if you’re not use to Yuri or you don’t particularly have an interest in it, you’ll find the plot just exasperating if you’re not into the girl x girl stuff.

Also, I’ve been trying really hard to review Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta and I expected great things from it, as did my friends. When we watched it together, well, there were airplanes, and romance and clouds and… I was just really confused at the end of the first episode because even though I expected romance, they threw it in my face and a lot of the introductory bits seemed really try-hardy. Please let me know what you think of it if you’re watching it. On a different note, if you’re looking for something in the comedy, school and (surprisingly) seinen genre, go for Tonari no Seki-kun which follows a girl, a boy, and that boy’s random antics in class. You’ll find quite a few new things to try in class when you’re faced with boredom. Why, you could even build a eraser domino contraption that leads to a bomb. Why not?

In the list above, I watched the first episode of Pupa the day it came out and I found it so unusual and strange and mind-tricky that I’m actually really eager to see the next four minutes of it. That’s right. Each episode is only four minutes.

I have some Light Otaku Living posts in the brainstorming stage and hopefully I have time to review manga while the winter season is going on. There’s just such a demand for anime reviews when the episodes are airing. Tokyo Ravens and Kill La Kill is still ongoing of course. Also, I don’t know how many of you follow North American television, but I’ve been really focused on following Criminal Minds lately because I’ve recently fallen in love with Matthew Gray Gubler’s new look in Season 9. And of course, there’s my obsession with How I Met Your Mother which is ending soon. (Yeah, Cloudy has a lot of random hobbies besides anime as if anime wasn’t random enough).

Again, I’m having a lot issues with my internet as usual *sigh* which means some confrontations are in order with my housemate and my two other floor mates whom I share internet with (which is kind of ridiculous cause we’re in apartments and they’re a whole hallway away) but nevertheless, I am trying my hardest to keep up with posts cause like I said, I have separation anxiety when I don’t blog – makes me feel all sorts of uncomfortable. Blogging just really relaxes me for some reason, even if I’m slamming something I hate or intensely reviewing with a critical eye.

AND FINALLY (if you made it this far, you’re a trooper) – Anime North Pre-registration is OPEN and I’m super excited so if you’re planning to go, go get those tickets. It will be held on May 23-25 at the Toronto Congress Centre and surrounding buildings.

AN 2014 Banner

Special shoutout to my friend Cassie who marked my page as one of her default tabs on her browser. Thank you for being so supportive (even though you don’t follow me cause you don’t want email spam LOL) ❤ That’s all for now, hope you guys liked this post and found something useful. If you’re looking to hear about my other mini updates, check out my Facebook page or follow me on twitter @CuriousCloudy or right here or Pinterest.  Thanks for dropping in and thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Cloudy Says… 2014 Winter Anime Season Highlights and some other things…

  1. Glad to hear Buddy Complex turned out good might check it out. Thought of passing it up because not sure it would turn out good.

    How I Met Your Mother is ending soon. Aw, no, I just love that show. Thanks for the news though:)

    Can’t wait to see what you review next. Also noticed you didn’t add Hamatora to the choices. It is really amazing! Granted the animation is fairly different from most anime nowadays. Still that is what makes it so striking and also the comedy is pretty smoothly done. Really recommend giving Hamatora a try.

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